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  Bellary - General Information bellary tour
Bellary is an industrial city in the eastern side of Karnataka and is bound by Raichur on the north, by Dharwad on the west, Chitradurga and Davangere on the south, and Anantapur, Kurnool of Andhra Pradesh on the east.
 Bellary - History
The name Bellary originates from the word Balari - Goddess Durugamma, who had manifested herself in this town. Bellary played a significant role during Satavahanas, Kadambas, Chalukyas of Kalyana, Kalachuryas, Sevunas and Hoysalas period. Later the Vijayanagara rulers built the City of Victory on the banks of Tungabhadra River at Hampi in Hospet Taluk.
 Bellary - What to see
Hampi - This is a World Heritage Site. Witness the Virupaksha temple, the Stone Chariot, Ugra Narasimha, Lotus Mahal and the Elephants stables.

Mallara - Consecrated to Lord Shiva in his form of Mallara or Mallari, it is famed for the annual festival of Mallara.

Ramanadurga or Ramgad - At this hill-station set amidst a group of granite hills, there is a temple dedicated to Ramadeva.
 Bellary - Attractions
Tunga Bhadra Dam - This huge dam, situated neat Hospet, is built on river Tunga and Bhadra.

Ambali - Ambali is popular for the black stone Chalukyan temple dedicated to Kalleswari.
 Bellary - Fairs And Festivals
Hampi Utsav
The ruined city of Hampi, located near Bellary, comes alive during this festival of dance and music called Hampi or Vijaya Utsav, held in the first week of November.

Annual festival of Mallara
This famous festival is celebrated in a temple consecrated to Lord Shiva in his form of Mallara or Mallari.

The Rocks
Granite rocks & hills form a prominent feature of Bellary, and granite quarrying is big business. The city is spread mainly around two huge rocky granite hills, the Ballari Gudda and Kumbara Gudda (Gudda - hill in Kannada). These two hills are dominant features of the city, and are visible from every part of the city.

Ballari Gudda
Ballari Gudda[citation needed] has a circumference of nearly 2 miles (3.2 km) and a height of 480 feet (150 m). The length of this rock from north-east to south-west is about 1,150 ft (350 m). To the East and South lies an irregular heap of boulders, but to the West is an unbroken monolith, and the North is walled by bare rugged ridges. This hill is also said to be the world's second largest monolithic hill.

Kumbara Gudda
The other hill is called Kumbara Gudda. This hill, when viewed from the south-east looks like the profile of a human face and is also known as Face Hill.

Bellary Fort
The Bellary Fort was built on top of the Ballari Gudda or the Fort Hill during Vijayanagara times by Hanumappa Nayaka. The lower fort was added by Hyder Ali around the eastern half of the hill.
 How To Reach bellary
By Air, Rail and Road
Bellary has a airport and Railway Station and is linked with the rest of the state by a vast network of well-connected roads.
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