Amreli - General Information

Amreli is a city in the Saurashtra region in the state of Gujarat, India..

Amreli - History and Geography

It is believed that during the year 534 AD, Amreli existed as a city place with name Anumanji. After that the name was Amlik and then Amravati. The ancient Sanskrit name of Amreli was Amarvalli. Initially Amreli was the part of Former Gaekwad of Baroda. After independence the district became the part of Bombay State and a separate district in Gujarat State after the bifurcation of Bombay State.

Amreli is a town of Kathiawar and is located at 21.62° N 71.23° E. It has an average elevation of 128 metres (419 feet). Most part of the commercial area is called Tower Road.

The Kathiawar, peninsula of western India, is in Gujarat State. The peninsula extends southwest into the Arabian Sea and is bound on the northwest by the Gulf of Kachchh and on the southeast by the Gulf of Khambhat. Area, about 60,000 km² (about 23,000 sq mi).

The peninsula of Kathiawar is named after the Kathis who came to Saurashtra at the close of the fourteenth century. Their origin is not fully known but it is possible that they were driven southwards by the Muslim invaders. 'Khachar' and 'Chotila' were the most important seats of the Kathis. Worshippers of the Sun, they were essentially nomadic and had developed, among other pastoral occupations, the art of horse-breeding. Successive waves of immigrants from other parts of India have led to a superimposition of different communities and cultures in Kathiawar. The powerful royal families, which conquered Saurashtra later on established their rule over there.

Before 1948, there were some 260 Princely states in the Kathiawar Peninsula of western India. These were consolidated in a single state named Saurashtra, in which the former rulers would alternate as the constitutional head. Eventually, as expected, Saurashtra became a part of the state of Gujarat.

Amreli - History and Geography

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