Balaghat - General Information

Balaghat Balaghat is a city in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. The town was originally called "Burha" or "Boora", but this name was replaced by "Balaghat", which means "above the ghats or passes."

Balaghat - Geography

Balaghat is located at 21.8° N 80.18° E and has an average elevation of 288 metres (944 feet).

Balaghat - Transport

Balaghat is connected by trains and by bus with the larger cities. The nearest airport is at Nagpur.

Balaghat - places of interest

The following places of interest are located in Balaghat, or in the district:

Part of Kanha National Park.
Bajrang Ghat
Shankar Ghat
Aama Ghat
Prem Nagar
Old Ram Mandir
Lanji Fort/Temple.
Nahlesara Dam.
Rampaily Temple.
Gomji-Somji Temple.
Malajkhand copper mines
Bharveli Manganise mines
Botanical Garden