Beawar - General Information

Beawar is a prosperous town in Rajasthan, situated amidst the Aravali hills and is an important centre of trade. It is a centre of wool trade and produces carpet grade woollen yarn and the food processing industry is also quite developed along with other industries. It is a large producer of cement and is mineral rich with reserves of felspar, quartz, asbestos, soapstone, magnesitie, calcite, limestone, mica, emerald, granite, masonry stone, barytes fluorit, wolastonite and vermiculite. The nearest airport is Jaipur at a distance of 190 km.

Beawar was founded by Colonel Dixon in 1835/1836 as a treaty between the Mewars and the British. It is 53 kilometers from Ajmer and is situated at a strategic location in Rajasthan. Beawar has an average elevation of 439 metres (1440 feet) and is the home of world known temple of ASHAPURA MATA.