Betul - General Information

Betul is a city in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. Betul was the center of Gond kingdoms. In 1398, these kingdoms engrossed all the hills of Gondwana and adjacent places. In 1418, Sultan Hoshang Shah of Malwa invaded Kherla, and reduced it to a dependency. After nine years the raja rebelled to assert his independence, he was finally subdued and deprived of his territories. In 1467 Kherla was seized by the Bahmani sultan but was afterwards restored to Malwa.

After a century Malwa was incorporated into the dominions of the emperor of Delhi. In 1743 Raghoji Bhonsle the Maratha ruler of Berar, annexed it to his dominions. In 1818, the Marathas ceded this district to the East India Company as payment for a contingent. By the treaty of 1826 it was formally incorporated into the British possessions.

Betul derives its name from the small town of Betul Bazar, about 5 km south of the present city. Betul bazaar has witnessed the peaceful coexistence of different religions and cultures. There is a mosque presumed to be built by Aziz clan.