Bhiwandi - General Information

Bhiwandi is a city in Maharashtra and is located 50 kms to the north-east of Mumbai and is known for its textile industry. This city has the largest number of powerlooms in the country and is sometimes dubbed as 'The Manchester of India'. Bhiwandi is well connected by road. In the early twentieth century, Bhiwandi was a small town, inhabited by Maharashtrians and Konkani Muslims. It became a hub of the textile industry in the 1930s. Bhiwandi a city in western India has got its strategic importance being just 25 miles away from Mumbai, the financial capital of India. Being a part of India it has got a rich cultural, historical and mythological inheritage.

The ample availability of low cost lands in the city which is very near to a metropolitan city like Mumbai lead to the planning and development of many water parks, theme parks and re-creational centers in Bhiwandi. The growth of these re-creational spots in recent times is combined well with the development of basic infrastructure in the area experienced a major boost in Bhiwandi Tourism. Because of all people of different casts, creed and languages finding shelter in Bhiwandi the city has become a symbol of a typical diversified culture. Though majority of the people are Hindu, the Muslims form a significant proportion of the population compared to other parts of Maharashtra. As the city was governed by Muslim rulers in ancient times and those Muslims settled in their petty coastal principalities here. Today Bhiwandi is regarded as "Mecca of Kokani Muslims". Earlier it is supposed that the initial name of Bhiwandi city was Nizampur. .