The Big Indian Blowout !

By: Nandini Gupta
28 January, 2019

It’s a well-known fact that Dilliwalas likes to do everything in larger than life style. Their obsession for celebrating life goes in overdrive when the time of festivals roll in. A thriving dynamic city, jam packed with different communities comes together to enjoy and celebrate festivals, regardless of the religion. If you are new to the festival game in India then let us give you a run down on all the major festivals Delhi like to get crazy with. Plan your next visit to co-ordinate with a grand festival and join in the fun!

No. 1

The term ‘festival of lights’ says everything about this famous Hindu festival. It is generally celebrated in the month of October or November to mark the occasion of homecoming of Lord Rama post his long exile. Delhiites come together to rejoice on this beautiful festival by covering their homes in twinkling lights and lighting several diyas to spread the light. With the boom of firecrackers sounding around the city, Diwali sees a progression of fests, night markets and cultural performances held around the city.

No. 2

Eid is the main festival of Muslims and is celebrated twice a year in the month of June-July and August. Eid concludes the month long fasting of Muslims by a spectacular celebration of food, music and gifts. If your visit to Delhi is fortunately timed with Eid then make way to Old Delhi, where Jama Masjid area comes alive during this holy night with a profusion of kebabs, desserts and meat curries. This is truly one of the best times to experience the food scene of the city.

No. 3

Tagged as ‘festival of colors’ all over the world, Holi is a vibrant boisterous festival falling in the month of March. This day commemorate the victory of good over evil and is said to dissolve any hard feelings with a fun round of color play. New Delhi turns a kaleidoscope of colors as people gather for a daylong party filled with music, food, colors and booze. Many Holi events happen around this time in city. Don an old shirt and join in the fun!

No. 4
Navratri & Dussehra

This pious nine-day festival is dedicated to Goddess Durga and is a main festival for Gujarati community. They signify their devotion by quitting onion and garlic for these nine days and conclude their fast with a musical dance night called dandiya. People dress up in traditional Indian outfit for this celebration so pack your ghagra-choli while travelling around October.

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