5 Fun Places To Visit With Your Kid

By: Nandini Gupta
30 January, 2019

You might not think Delhi is the best of places to spend time with your kids but there are places you can escape to with your tiny tots and letting them run around safely. We bring to you a list of kid-friendly places in the city, you should definitely check out with your kids. Discover with us a bunch of safe spots ideal to spend Sunday mornings with your child.

No. 1
Adventure Island

Delhi’s claim to Disney Land, Adventure Island is a juxtaposition of cool rides, entertainment zone and lots of other fun activities guaranteed to put a wide smile on your kid’s face. It is the reason why Rohini is suddenly so popular with the city crowd. The park is well supervised and completely safe for your child.

No. 2
Dilli Haat

If you want to entertain and educate your child at the same time then choosing Dilli Haat would be a wonderful choice. An enclosed, secured beautifully planned village with several shops and small eateries, Dilli Haat will give your kid a dose of culture. Smack right opposite INA market in South Delhi, Dilli Haat is popular with all age groups.

No. 3
National Zoological Park

This lush green 176 acre property is home to almost 1400 animals and 130 species of birds from around the world. You child can learn much about animals in their natural habitat covered with a stunning display of flora and fauna. It’s perfectly safe for kids and is designed to keep them secure.

No. 4
Lodhi Garden

Drag your child away from the ipad and take him or her to the tranquil sprawling beauty of Lodhi Garden. A string of heritage monuments enclosed gently with beautiful manicured lawns, this site is saturated in history and soothing natural splendor. Who knows, all that history might rub off on your kid?

No. 5
Nehru Planeterium

If your child gets all excited about space and astronomy then put Nehru Planetarium on your itinerary. The planetarium holds programs and live interactions about space in both Hindi and English. Get your little astronomer in making all excited about the hidden mysteries of universe and show him a world within his reach.

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