Amazing Beaches of Cochin for an Ideal Vacation

17 September, 2020

Cochin also known as Kochi is the Queen of Arabian Sea and a major attraction in Kerala. Cochin has several beaches where you can enjoy nice sea views and laze around because holidays are meant to be a time of relaxation. So let's have a glimpse of some of the best beaches in and around Cochin for a fun filled vacation.

No. 1
Cherai Beach

Cherai Beach is definitely worth the visit if you are in Cochin. It is located 25 kms away from the main city on the northern end of Vypeen Island. You can reach this island by ferry and later enjoy the numerous activities on the beach such as snorkeling, speed boats or go for a dolphin spotting. You will feel more relaxed and calm here because it is less crowded than the other beaches. The entire beach is surrounded by palm trees so you will get great views and have pristine experience. Moreover, you can try more water sports, take sunbath or enjoy lip smacking food. Many beach resorts are also here if you want to stay at the beach. This is an ideal destination to witness the jaw-dropping sunset and golden sands.

No. 2
Fort Kochi Beach

One of the best beaches in Cochin because you can enjoy culture, history and sea all together. The Beach is really stunning as it has a portugese and dutch influence. The main attraction is the chinese fishing nets and a fort located on the beach. So it is a bit crowded during the day time. I suggest you visit the beach during day time but if you want to enjoy a quiet walk around the beach then come during the evening. I stayed at a hotel in Fort Kochi town which is near to this beach. So, i always went there to enjoy morning walks and sometimes evening walks also. In the evening, the beach looked so surreal. Also it is a great spot for clicking pictures, so I loved visiting Fort Kochi Beach even more.

No. 3
Andhakaranazhi Beach

This beach is a hidden gem of Kochi which definitely needs to get explored by the travelers who are in search of a chill and relaxed experience. The beach is unpolluted and well maintained with the palm trees around the beach giving a perfect backdrop for pictures. I enjoyed swimming and also played volleyball here with my friends. We spent 4-5 hours here but it was not enough because you can relish so many activities here or just sit under the sun and enjoy lemon juice or a coffee. You will find many eateries at the beach which have delicious snacks. Visit here with your friends or family and enjoy a small picnic at this wonderful beach and soak in the beauty.

No. 4
Veeranpuzha Beach

It is one of the most popular beaches of Cochin in terms of atmosphere. The beautiful blue waters and golden sands will leave you amazed. You can witness the lush greenery along with the mesmerising sunrise and sunset views. Watch fishermans working at the beach and get rural vibes because the beach is near to the fishing villages. This beach is really unique and different from others as it has a great option to experience rural life and jaw dropping views of the sea.

So now you know that while visiting Cochin you can not only enjoy the history and culture of the city but also escape to the gorgeous beaches of Cochin to have a peaceful experience.

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