Best Places to Camp in India

06 July, 2020

Camping is one of the most loving activities among tourists, it is so popular in India and I hope everyone would like to have this best experience once in life as it is the best way to connect with nature and spend a night under the blanket of stars.

Here are the best places for camping in India and connecting with nature.

Solang Valley, Himachal Pradesh: It is known as one of the best places for camping in India.Solang Valley situated in Manali, which attracts people from all corners of the world as this site is surrounded by lush greenery and adventure activities like skiing, trekking, rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing, Paragliding, ATV Ride, Zorbing makes this spot an ideal for camping. Best time to visit is from December to January if you’d like to camp in snow and feel the chill and April to June if you would like to enjoy the pleasant temperature.

Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh : Spiti Valley is another beautiful place, covered with hills, lakes, Monasteries, lush valley and the astonished beauty of nature. You can see adventure lovers and trekkers from the entire world. May to July is the best time to visit here to witness the pleasant climate and camp under clear sky.

Mussoorie, Uttarakhand: It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. As here people directly connect with nature. Snow covered mountains during winters ( September till March) lush green trees during the summers are the best view of this tourist place. Here you can find the trekkers normally. You can enjoy here from April to June to enjoy the summer breeze in your hair.

Chandratal lake, Himachal Pradesh : Chandratal Lake is one of the best places for visiting natural bliss in Himachal Pradesh. It is about 4,300 meters above sea level, after trekking one can come to the lake shores. Its beauty attracts many people and the best of it, you can see the reflection of the moon in the lake, hence it is called ‘Lake of Moon’. Due to its blissful beauty It has been paradise for trekkers and camping. This place is open from the third week of June till the first week of November every year.

Nameri Eco Camp, Assam: Nameri National Park in Assam is one of the ideal places for camping. Here you will find the Eco Camps surrounded by greenery. It is not just a national park, it is a place, very popular for various adventure activities where you can enjoy hiking, rafting in Bhoroli River or bird watching. Best time to explore this place is from October to early April.

Rishikesh, Uttrakhand: Having a mountain landscape, Rishikesh offers you to enjoy many adventurous activities and the most perfect thing to spend some quality time camping in Rishikesh with nature.

It is a place where you find unpolluted water of the river Ganga and plenty of flora and fauna, Camping in Rishikesh is one of the perfect destinations to have its pleasure. Here you can do all the freshwater based adventure activities which will thrill you and also capture the beauty of nature in your camera, singing and dancing together with a bonfire and sleeping under stars are few of the things that one can do out of their routine life.

Now I would like to share my experience of April 2013, when I was working in a travel agency in Delhi and all office staff went to Rishikesh on an office trip for a night stay.

It was the month of March and we started our journey by road from Delhi around 2100 hours and reached Rishikesh the next morning around 0700 hours. Our stay was arranged in Shivpuri camp which looked so beautiful from outside as well as inside as there was a café, a shared lounge area, a beautiful garden and a private beach zone. There was a completely furnished private washroom with shower and free toiletries which made our stay very comfortable. On arrival, we put our luggage in the camp, took showers and had a delicious breakfast.

Around 1000 hours we went for river rafting, it was my first time, so I was very excited. There were six people in a boat and all were covered with the essential protected equipment, during rafting, rapids were so high that it kept on tossing our boat which enthralled me. One can also select a longer distance to enjoy the thrill of white water rafting in India but since it was my first time, thus i opted for the shortest one which was about 4 km. It was a fun-filled yet dangerous experience as few of the rapids in the river were quite strong. I enjoyed every bit of it but the best part about the rafting was when they make you reach a point where the water is still and you can have a free fall by jumping off the cliff or just by relaxing in the water. Jumping from a height while looking at that picturesque Himalaya mountain view is still a vivid memory.

Later we went back to our camp, lit a fire and enjoyed a barbeque session before heading out to our tents to spend the night. Following morning we explored the nearby area, enjoyed the beautiful views of the mountains from our camps and took a dip in the River Ganges before boarding our vehicle to head back home.

Once in your life, you must try adventure activities like hiking, mountain biking, river rafting , or setting up your own camp as it boosts your mental health, gives you fresh air and is great for cardio & strengthening muscles. Even if adventure sports are not your thing, you can still step out to camp in nature to enjoy the beauty of Mother Earth. A night under the beautiful twinkling stars, eating food cooked on a bonfire, sleeping in a camp in tents, spending time to rejuvenate yourself, connecting to your inner soul or just listening to the sound of nature, all these experiences are worth gaining and one can not feel the sentiments behind them until its experienced by oneself. So what are you waiting for ? Get up and pack your adventure equipment, you never know you might stumble upon me in one of these campsites.

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