Best places to practice yoga in India

13 July, 2020

I believe that yoga is a great way to free your mind , body and stay healthy . Yoga helps to maintain physical health as well as mental health. If one practices yoga daily it brings happiness and calmness in their life and I think we all are searching for that in one way or another . In India yoga is very popular and people are now getting aware and understanding its importance in their life . Travelers from all over the world visit india to practice yoga because they love the spiritual ambiance, positive energy and culture of India . Meditation is also a great way to relieve stress , escape from your worries and stay fit mentally and i believe that both yoga and meditation bring clarity in one's life . You have the opportunity to learn different yoga styles in india like Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga , Restorative yoga ,Yin yoga , power yoga etc and You will find numerous places & centres all over India where you can learn yoga and can practice meditation and get inspiration in your life to become better with each passing day but the following places are the most famous to practice yoga and have enchanting expiriences.

Rishikesh - The Yoga Capital

Rishikesh is the birthplace of Yoga which makes it the best destination to practice yoga surrounded by nature and River Ganga. You get the opportunity to do yoga in such beautiful surroundings which will lift up your mood and will give you more energy. Rishikesh offers unlimited options to experience yoga and spirituality as you will find many ashrams , centres , schools which provide best services and you can learn alot from the teachers. The Ashrams are very comfortable to stay and they have a proper schedule and follow discipline. I have experienced it myself as I stayed in an ashram for a few days and everyday I got to learn something different and felt so relieved and calm. Daily we did prayers , learned new yoga styles & exercises , practiced meditation and watched spiritual videos which were very helpful. I loved the religious atmosphere of Rishikesh which brings a feeling of peace in your heart. Not only yoga and meditation you can also do many adventurous activities in Rishikesh or visit temples which will make your trip more interesting.

Dharamshala - Spiritual town

If you are truly inspired to explore and learn about life through yoga then you must visit Dharamshala because it is a spiritual place and also was home to the spiritual leader ‘Dalai Lama’. Resting in the Himalayan foothills, the stunning peaceful surroundings and the heavenly atmosphere makes dharamshala the ideal location for a yoga retreat. It has many yoga schools , spiritual centres where they provide various courses for beginners , intermediate practitioners. Most popular yoga styles that are taught in Dharamshala are Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar . I suggest you visit buddhist monasteries , spend good time there , enjoy the little pleasures of life and understand tibetan culture . You will love being here because tibetan people are very friendly and kind hearted. Don't miss the opportunity to have this beautiful journey in the laps of nature.

Varanasi - Sacred place of India

Varanasi is the most ideal place to experience yoga because here you will feel more optimistic . With all the religious activities happening around you yoga will be more beneficial. Many famous yoga gurus (teachers) of Varanasi have their own ashrams or schools and they teach traditional yoga as well as modern yoga .They are very experienced and very knowledgeable and will help you to transform yourself with yoga which will be a life changing experience for you. While you are in Varanasi, you can explore many temples, take a boat ride or walk around the ghats to understand indian life and cultures.

Goa - Yoga in Paradise

Goa is an awesome party place blessed with so many beautiful beaches which attracts many travelers every year . Goa has the best nightlife , stunning beaches , churches and also offers many adventurous activities . But imagine practicing yoga on the beach while enjoying gentle wind and breathing fresh air . Goa is the perfect yoga destination with stunning sceneries around you . You can do yoga on the beach or in yoga centres as Goa has many numerous schools and centres offering different courses. I remember practicing yoga early morning on the beach and it was a different and memorable experience and later I went for a walk and enjoyed fresh coconut water too. You can enjoy yoga on the beach with your family which can be a good bonding experience too. You can also relish spa and meditation sessions in Goa.

Mysore - Ashtanga yoga capital

Mysore has plenty of schools and centers where you get knowledge to deepen your practice skills . The late yoga guru Pattabhi jois is the founder of Ashtanga yoga and that is why yoga is very famous in Mysore and now the city is full with Ashtanga yoga centers. You should book in advance to attend the yoga classes.You can also participate in philosophy and chanting workshops .

Don't miss visiting these places and learn different yoga styles to gain health and mind benefits .

Kerala - God’s own abode

It is no secret that kerala is a exquisite destination with so many amazing attractions like temples, monuments , mountain places , beaches , houseboats and much more and all this makes kerala a great place to practice yoga and meditation. Kerala offers many yoga and meditation classes as well as ayurvedic treatments to make your life more peaceful and healthy. Famous places in Kerala where you can learn yoga include Kaivalyam Wellness Retreat , Reminiscence Health Retreat and Abhijna School Of Yoga And Meditation. They all provide very good services and provide a wide range of body-mind-spiritual training sessions too like meditation, ayurveda, philosophy etc . Only in kerala , you can find a form of yoga that combines Hatha yoga and an ancient martial art style called kalaripayattu. It sounds really interesting right? So why not come here and experience this on your own . Visit Kerala and forget all about your worries and enjoy your life.

I hope my blog on popular places to practice yoga in India has helped you out. If you’d like to get more information on easy yoga postures to do at home or famous places to learn the art of Yoga and meditation, check out my other blogs.

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