22 June, 2020

When we hear the word Mountain biking, cycling along with the thrilling paths clicks automatically in our minds. Biking tours are so popular in each country and India is one of them. Himalayan ranges are the best place for this adventure sport. Also, it is very dangerous, so take guidance at each step. Before starting this sport activity you need a lot of practice and stamina and a bicycle, which is especially designed for mountain ascending and descending.

There are several places in India where you will find this sports activity like from Leh to Zanskar in Ladakh which is stretched over an average altitude of 4500 meters. Biking tour from Manali to Leh is considered as one of the best that the range of Himalayas has to offer. Starting from Manali, the route stretches over the Himalayas and spreads till Khardungla- which is known as the highest motorable road in the world.

Mountain biking in the Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh is one of most exciting things to do. During the ride you will find a range of Dhauladhar Mountain, tea garden & pine trees which makes this route very exciting. This circuit is around 260 kms. Kumaon region of Uttarakhand is an enchanting experience of mountain biking in India, it gives you a path, which is not as comfortable as typical highways. The entire route is made up of steep ascents, rough terrain, rocky path, and lots of greenery who keeps a special corner in their hearts for extreme sports.

Garhwal region is another popular mountain biking tour in India. It is stretching over a maximum altitude of 2700 meters above sea level. This entire route is a gentle mix of rivers, valleys, mountains, forests, glaciers, and exquisite animal breeds. The unparalleled charm of the entire region is a perfect seasoned bikers mesmerized.

Next destination is Coorg, located in Karnataka in southern India. Here Mountain biking through the curvy trails of Coorg is the most picturesque sights will definitely cherish you. Coorg has plenty of routes which offer you a completely different experience from another one. Riding along the hilly terrains, crossing the jungles with canopies made of towering trees and waterfalls, the fragrant tea and coffee plantations simply adds to the journey which is unmatchable. Coorg is a destination that has something for all kinds of bikers.

Sikkim is a region in the northeast part of India, it is a destination that is known for a home to wonders of mother nature, Sikkim is paradise on earth for mountain bikers. The roads with lush green valleys and the fresh oxygen makes the whole experience of mountain bicycling in India.

Now that i have shared the majority of the popular biking routes of India and a bit of their details, let me share my most adventurous bike ride till now. So me and my friends rode the bike in Munnar where we passed through a vast expanse of tea plantations and spice plantation. Also we enjoyed the breath-taking views of Bison Valley and Lockhart Gap along with Shola forests and Cardamom Estates.

So my suggestion to all you friends and readers of mine is that to keep safety measures while going for a mountain bicycling like always wear helmet which will protect your head while in the event that you fall off your bike, crash, or overestimate the height of a branch, always ride in control as you should never ride beyond your skill level which might be dangerous. Wear the correct riding gear and always choose the trail where you can ride comfortably. Water is essential so do not forget to keep water while trekking or riding.

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