Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

16 March, 2021

It is quite common to see the places with beaches; mountains; and deserts on the top of our list but just imagine, escaping yourself in an abundant green forest, feeling free and young while witnessing some diversity of flora and fauna.

Well, if you want to experience this, then Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is a perfect place for you. This wildlife sanctuary is located in the state named Karnataka. This part of India is famous for its heritage destinations as well as for its national/ Wildlife sanctuaries. Let me tell you one more thing that this place is not only for the people who love wildlife but also for nature lovers. So let’s start exploring this amazing place.

No. 1
A little description of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary:

In Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, you will find everything magical. From trees provide food to the birds to the plants that are admired for their medicinal properties. In Karnataka, a state in the south of India, this wide-ranging conservation park is the second largest.

The vast variety of flora and fauna mesmerizes its tourists. In other words, this place is not only the residence of tigers but also of deers, elephants, antelopes, birds, and reptiles. If you are a bird lover, then this place will be a perfect place as there are more than 300 species of birds.

If you want to add some adventurous experience to your itinerary, then by adding this place, you will get an adventure-packed holiday as you can try white water rafting or wildlife photography, and bird watching.

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary provides some accommodation options also in which you will get the chance to experience the pleasure of living in the forest.

No. 2
What is the perfect time to visit Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary?

I will recommend you to explore this place between October to May. The reason behind this is during this period, the weather is pleasant and then moderate due to which many birds fly back to their nest for the rest, and also a lot of animals come out of their homes.

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary Timings:

From 01st October to 30th June, the park stays open. One can do the safari in the national park and is allowable in the buffer zone from 01st July to 30th September every year. This sanctuary opens for tourists from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM. If you want to explore the sanctuary properly, then 7 to 8 hours is recommended.

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