Explore the Valley of Flowers

13 October, 2020

One of the most exquisite treks in the Himalayas is the Valley of Flowers which is a part of world unesco heritage site and lies in chamoli district of Uttarakhand state. Valley of flowers is a gateway to the fairyland surrounded by snow covered mountains in the backdrop. The valley is dotted with more than 600 floral species that even change their colors and shades throughout the year. The beauty of this magical and amazing valley attracts thousands of adventure and nature lovers every year. I planned a trip to the Valley of flowers with my cousin in the month of August. This trek is moderate and covers about 3-4 days. I had the most amazing time there and I am sharing my experience so that it may help you to plan your trip to the Valley of flowers.

We reached Haridwar by train and then took a private taxi to Govindghat which is the starting point of the trek that will lead you to the Heaven of flowers. From Govindghat there is a trek of 14 km to Ghangaria. We began the trek in the morning so that we could reach Ghangaria till sunset. If you have more days you can stay at night at Govindghat and later the next day start your journey to Ghangaria. To reach Ghangaria you can book a helicopter or hire a mule as well if you feel tired or want to save your energy for later. The climate was cold so if you are also planning to visit, then do carry warm clothing and try to pack light so that you can do the trek comfortably. We wanted to enjoy every tiny bit of the trek, thus we decided and tried to complete the trek by ourselves. During the journey, I was mesmerized by the sights of majestic waterfalls and picturesque landscapes. We packed our lunch with us so we took a little break and decided to have our lunch near a waterfall. Having lip smacking food while listening to gentle sounds of water made my day. We clicked many pictures too as we did not want to miss any chance to capture the wonderful views. We continued the trek and reached Ghangaria at 6:30 in the evening. We were feeling very tired but it was worth it. We wanted to stop in Ghangaria and stay overnight. Ghangaria is a small nearby village of Valley of Flowers. The village has lush greenery and waterfalls which are feast to the eyes. I got lost in the beauty of mother nature and felt so blessed. Hotel accommodations are available in Ghangaria where you can stay and relax.

Taking the challenge of Trek to the Valley of flowers was in my bucket list from so long and finally the day arrived. Rise early is the mantra that we follow so we began our journey early in the morning. The trek was not so difficult and it took us around 2 hours to cover one side of the journey. I fell in love with the trek because the entire path to the valley was full of himalayan flowers. It was like a canvas with every color on it. I saw so many butterflies, insects and birds in the sky which made the entire place more beautiful. There were many more attractions throughout the valley. Also the sight of the Pushpawati river was unique and captivating. I was exhausted but after reaching the final point and looking at that magical view, all my stress went away in a minute. I stood there and felt like there was a carpet full of flowers in front of me which took me to another world. As you explore more, you will see a variety of different flowers blooming. We sat there for some time and unwind ourselves. The view of glaciers, exotic flowers and the cool mountain breeze was simply amazing. I made new friends during the journey and had the best time with my cousin. After exploring, we went back to Ghangaria, stayed overnight and later said goodbye to the hills .

The ideal time to visit Valley of Flowers is from July till September. Travel with your friends, family members or all by yourself to enjoy one of the best treks of India and I am very sure you also will be surprised to see so many flowers blooming at the same moment. It is indeed a magical and beautiful sight to experience once in a lifetime.

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