Famous Buddhist Monasteries in India

27 July, 2020

Buddhism is a major religion and followed by many in India . Those seeking serenity in life , you will enjoy exploring these Buddhist monasteries in India where you can immerse in spiritual retreats and have a peaceful experience. I will tell you about the top buddhist monasteries of india and will also share my experiences with you.

No. 1
Hemis Monastery , Ladakh

Hemis Monastery is the most famous monastery in Ladakh and is often described as the richest monastery of Ladakh. The monastery displays ancient statues, paintings and artefacts. This monastery is not only a good place to escape from the busy life but is also filled with stories and anecdotes.The best time to visit the monastery is from June till july when the popular Hemis festival takes place. Many tourists from all over the world visit during this time to enjoy . I got the chance to witness and participate in this beautiful spiritual festival. During this festival,the buddist people wear ethnic clothes, do chanting, have masked performances, various cultural programs and rituals are held and the whole atmosphere is very lively and colorful.

I am glad that I stayed at this monastery because it was a lifetime experience. The accommodation was simple and comfortable. I loved the positive vibes and discipline of that place. I also practiced meditation there and felt very calm which helped clarify my thoughts . From my experience I can say that one should stay at a monastery once in their life and have the enriching experience.

No. 2
Thiksey Monastery , Ladakh

Visiting this white wonderland is a must because all the buildings look stunningly beautiful which makes it a popular tourist spot . It is situated 20 km away from Leh and the entire surroundings are treat to the eyes. The 12 storey complex of the Monastery consists of small buildings and has a great collection of stupas, statues, wall paintings and swords. You can also see their daily rituals and learn about their culture.I think the giant buddha statue inside the building is remarkable as it covers the two storeys.

When you enter the monastery you can feel the calmness inside you because the aura of the whole place is so pleasant and relaxing. They also organize a festival called Thiksey Gustor which also attracts international tourists. According to me , this is the best monastery in this region and you should not miss the chance to visit here .

No. 3
Tsuglagkhang Complex, Dharamshala

For a spiritual experience, you have to visit this monastery situated in Dharamshala. It is surrounded by pine trees together with the mesmerizing view of the mountains . It is the most famous monestery because it is the official home of the spiritual leader “Dalai Lama''. Explore and observe the simple life of the Dalai Lama . The monastery houses many paintings , a museum, Namgyal Gompa and Kalachakra temple. I have been to Dharamshala and loved visiting there. The whole atmosphere of the town was really peaceful and it is the landmark of the Buddhist culture .

My favorite part of the trip was visiting Tsuglagkhang Monastery. I got to know alot about the Dalai Lama's life , teachings and their culture. The best way to explore the monastery and have peaceful time is by having an evening walk with the monks . You can also witness the monks engaging in some lively debate at the Namgyal Gompa which is quite interesting

No. 4
Tabo Monastery , Himachal Pradesh

Nestled in the Tabo village of Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh. This monastery is one of the most popular and oldest monasteries of India. There are many priceless ancient treasures like artworks, sculptures and scriptures inside the Tabo Monastery. The melodious chants can be heard daily at sharp 6 am. There is something very special about this monastery as you will find many caves in here to practice meditation and have a quiet time.

Cultural festivals are an integral part of the Tabo Monastery but in the month of September or October a very famous Chakhar festival is organized every three years which is celebrated for peace and happiness of all . On this special occasion, religious masked dances, songs and festivities are held which are the main attractions . I think if you want to learn Buddhism then this is the ideal place for you.

No. 5
Tawang Monastery , Arunachal Pradesh

This largest monastery of India is located at a height of 3,5000 m above the sea level and is surrounded by snow capped mountains which is truly a sight to behold. Tawang Monastery is a must visit place in Arunachal Pradesh. It is a great combination of beauty and serenity, making it an ideal place to experience peace. Immerge yourself in the spiritual experience and explore this royal monastery . It has statues depicting Buddhist teachings and meanings of life , a library of ancient books on Buddhism and shrine rooms for the monks to meditate, worship and perform other religious activities. All of this creates a peaceful ambience .

To have full buddhist experience , you can also attend the The Losar festival which is celebrated to mark the Tibetan New Year and runs for 15 days.

No. 6
Ghoom Monastery , Darjeeling

It is an old monastery which is located 8 km away from Darjeeling. Maithreya Buddha serves as the main attraction of this monastery. The gold colored buddha decorated with precious stones looks absolutely amazing. I believe that there is something so calming about this monastery . I felt very relaxed here and spent many hours exploring and observing the monastery . During the prayer time, everything feels so calm and pious at that time. It will give you a much-needed break from the noisy urban life.

It also has a library which has some of the most ancient Buddhist scriptures and books. Ghoom Monastery is one of the few monasteries that serves as a main learning centre for scriptures. I did a lot of photography and videography because the place was really attractive and I wanted to capture all the moments spent there

No. 7
Rumtek Monastery, Sikkim

Sikkim is the land of monasteries because you can find so many beautiful monasteries but the most famous and visited one is the Rumtek Monastery. It attracts many devotees , tourists throughout the year . It is a vibrantly colored grand monastery which arranges many workshops like the art of living lectures, holy chantings , meditation practices to make you feel tranquil and comfortable. Here you can witness and explore the Buddhist religion in practice . The monastery has a traditional architectural design that will amaze you . As well as you can see many statues , wall paintings etc here.

The chantings, rituals, masked dances and the echoes of the prayer will take you to another world where you will forget about all your worries and just want to enjoy the present .

The roots of Buddhism are spread all over India and to have the sacred experience you should visit these monasteries and find eternal peace. There are many more monasteries in India that I want to visit because all are very unique and something new to offer.

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