4 Amazing Waterfalls near Wayanad city

01 April, 2021

Wayanad is not a popular tourist destination in Kerala but this city holds so many things in it that will make you curious to visit this city. If you love calmness and solitude, then this city will give you that environment. Apart from so many things, there are some waterfalls in this city that are so beautiful that you don’t want to leave this city. So pack your bags and let’s start exploring:

No. 1
1. Soochipara Falls:

Soochipara waterfalls are one of the popular waterfalls in the Wayanad district. This is because this waterfall has three tiers. This waterfall is surrounded by natural beauty. Many tourists like to take a dip in the pond under the waterfall.

This waterfall joins the Chulika river when it falls and if you are planning to go there, you must visit the river as well. This waterfall is around 36 km away from Wayanad.

No. 2
2. Chethalayam waterfalls

Chethalayam waterfalls is a very alluring waterfall which is located in the Sulthan Bathery area. If you are a thrill-seeker, then you will love to visit this waterfall as this waterfall is around 4 km away from any road so you can reach these falls by doing a small route of trekking.

Also, Chethalayam waterfalls are an ideal place for spotting butterflies and unique birds and if you are lucky, you will have a chance to witness some different species of animals. The ideal time to visit this waterfall is during the monsoon season (between February to September) as there is a high volume of water cascades from the falls.

No. 3
3. Meenmutty falls

Wish to witness the second largest waterfall after the Wayanad waterfalls, then you should keep in mind and your travel list the Meenmutty falls. The height of this waterfall is around 300 meters. There are forests which surround the entire city, so if you want, you can reach this beautiful place by doing some trekking.

Also if you love calmness, then this place is the best spot for you. You have an option to do camping over there and enjoy the alluring view of the surrounding. The most appropriate time to visit these majestic falls would be between October to May.

No. 4
4. Palchuram Waterfalls

Palchuram Waterfalls is a beautiful waterfall that is visited by many travelers across the globe. This waterfall is situated at the confluence of the Kannur and Wayanad district. You can opt for the option of trekking to reach this waterfall but you need to be a little bit careful as the route is not that safe.

Arecanut trees surround the whole area near waterfalls which makes this scenery more beautiful. You can swim in the pond below waterfalls If you love to swim. The perfect time to visit this fall is in the monsoon period.

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