Hemis National Park

17 February, 2021

Are you an animal lover? If yes, then Hemis National Park is an ideal place for you. At a height of 4000 meters, Rumbak valley lies within the Hemis National Park. After visiting this place, you will find different species of animals such as snow leopard and Himalayan birds.

Snow Leopard trek (Hemis National park) is situated in the eastern part of Ladakh. Snow leopard trek is a popular winter trek in the region of Ladakh. The ideal time to have a trip to this amazing place is in February and March. Snow leopards are very difficult to find felines in this national park. During Winters, there are high chances of spotting the snow leopard, this is because they come down to the valleys in search of food.

This national park is the most liked area for snow leopards as there is the easy availability of prey. There are also other animals which you can spot here such as Bharal (Blue Sheep), Tibetan sheep, Red fox, Himalayan mouse hare, Shapo (Urial) is a wild sheep that can only be seen in the Hemis National Park. Also, the region of Rumbak valley is famous for birding. There are around 73 species of birds here such as Himalayan snowcock, blacked winged snow finch, etc.

Hemis National Park is in a region that is rain shadowed, it is because this area is encircled by the Himalayas. Due to this reason, the park has mainly dry forests. More than 15 endangered medicinal plants can be found in this park that works like magic if one is sick.

Also inside the premises of Hemis national park, there are more than 1500 people who live there. Hemis National park is encircled by 5 villages Sku-Kaya, Rumbak, Chillinga, Shingo, and Yurutse. At its boundaries, you will also see Indus and Zasker River.

How can you reach Hemis National Park?

Leh is connected from Delhi, Chandigarh, Srinagar, and Jammu by flights. If you are from another city, you can take a flight to Delhi and take a connecting flight to Leh. After reaching the airport, you can drive to the National Park.

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