Incredible experiences to enjoy in India in 2021

12 April, 2021

If you choose India as your next holiday destination, I am going to tell you about some unmissable experiences in India that you can have with your near and dear ones to make your trip more memorable.

No. 1
Holi celebrations at Vrindavan

Holi is a festival that brings colors and excitement to everyone's lives and in India people celebrate the festival with so much enthusiasm and joy that you will be surprised to see. Vrindavan is the best place to experience Holi due to its unique traditions and customs. Here you will get to see locals as well as tourists playing Holi with colors, water, flowers, etc. Holi celebrations start in Vrindavan a few days before the festival and during the entire time, the atmosphere is lively and the city looks stunning with colors all around. You will get a chance to play Holi in front of god and seek his blessings while dancing to the tunes of the bhajans(music related to god) and enjoy the festival of colours with your family and friends.

No. 2
Camping in the Thar Desert

Camping under the stars is one of the best glamping experiences you can have in Jaisalmer while witnessing natural surroundings and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. You can do camping with your partner, family and with your kids as they are going to really enjoy all the activities. The Thar desert looks graceful with a natural beauty where people enjoy camel safari and witness the sunset. Imagine you are in the middle of the desert and witness the sky changing colors over the golden sands, that feeling is just beyond words. Later, you can also experience Rajasthani folk performances and can enjoy dancing with everybody. After the vibrant performances, you will enjoy Rajasthani thali that is mouth-watering. End your night gazing at the stars, sharing stories with your travel companions, walking, or just lay quietly to see countless stars in the sky.

No. 3
Stay at a houseboat in Kerala

A rural life experience, touring around the backwaters of Kerala and staying at a moving houseboat is magical. The stillness of the backwaters and soothing weather will make your day. Staying at a houseboat with all amenities is indeed a unique experience that you will never forget. Houseboats are well designed and have comfortable and cozy rooms, tv, wifi, a dining area, etc. While cruising around, you can stop and interact with locals and explore nearby villages also. Overall, it will be a good adventure and a very relaxing experience for you as well.

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