Journey to the Himalayas

30 June, 2020

Himalayas - a paradise on Earth for all the nature lovers. One of the longest ranges nurturing the highest peak in the world - the Mount Everest. It is like a dream come true for all the mountaineers and the trekkers worldwide to witness the majestic peak of Mount Everest and to camp in the Himalayas.

It is not easy to trek in the Himalayas due to the harsh cold climate but let me tell you, it is completely worth your time and money. Every step brings you closer to your destination and every trip in the Himalayas offers you a beautiful picturesque view.

The journey in the Himalayas is not easy but any path you choose, any trek like Annapurna base camp, Everest base camp you select will give you and your camera some unforgettable memories. Every town that you’ll come across in your treks in India, Nepal or Bhutan (I can speak for only these three for now )will welcome you as if you were their own and the host will make sure that your stay is as comfortable as possible.

Eating one of the most pure organic foods, breathing the fresh air, drinking the pristine spring water, sipping the piping hot tea on a chilly winter evening while watching the sun go down is a routine that I am sure we all would like to have as a part of our lives. Although most of the little towns on the majority of the popular treks in the Himalayas have cell phone towers and do provide the facility of the internet, one does not feel the need to be connected to the world. This is the break that we all look forward to from the world of technology, one should utilise this time and energy by connecting to your inner self rather than to the outer world.

Take a break and listen to the sound of nature. The paradise of the Mother Earth has a lot to offer to all its mountaineers and trekkers if only they respect the offerings. I am already planning my next trek which will be the EBC- Everest base camp and to know about that, check out my next blog.

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