Kullu Dussehra Festival

15 October, 2020

Kullu Dussehra festival is a very famous festival in Kullu (Kullu is a town in the state named Himachal Pradesh, India). Kullu is famous for its beautiful valleys, waterfalls, mountains, and ancient temples which fascinate you during Kullu Dussehra Festival. The festival is celebrated by the people of Kullu with full enthusiasm and excitement. Also, the festival is filled with music, dance, and culture.

This festival is very popular in the state Himachal Pradesh, bespeaking the triumph of good over evil. The way this festival is celebrated, it attracts many people around the globe. Dhalpur Maidan is the place in Kullu where this festival is celebrated.

The celebration of this festival was started in 1650. According to mythology, the king of Kullu was Raja Jagat Singh. One day, he got to know that a person named Durgadutt had some pearls. The king tried to have those pearls but Durgadutt explained to the king that the information was wrong. The king gave him the last chance to give the pearls to him.

Due to his inhumanity, Durgadutt and his family set themselves into the fire and cursed the king. After this, the king felt guilty and took advice from a saint. The saint advised the king to bring back the statue of Lord Raghunath from Ayodhya. When the statue of Lord Raghunath was installed, the king had a sip of holy water on the feet of the statue of Lord Raghunathji. By doing this, his curse was abolished.

This festival starts on Vijay Dashmi. It is a seven days festival which is celebrated in October. The rich culture, history, devotion of the people attract every person who witnesses this beautiful festival. A peaceful ambiance is created with the help of music and color. On the other side, people in large number gather together to pay respect to Lord Raghunathji.

On the very first day, there is a huge celebration. The people install the statue of Lord Raghunathji in a beautifully decorated chariot. Later it is pulled with the ropes by the local people from its place to different parts of the Maidan(ground).

Other days are celebrated with full devotion and excitement. Many people participate in different activities like dancing and singing at the festival. The fair is fulfilled with the people throughout the festival. On the last day of the Kullu Dussehra Festival, a mass of wood grass of chariot is burnt near Beas river which signifies the burning of Lanka.

I visited Kullu last year during this festival with my family and fortunately, we had a chance to attend the first day of this festival. Our experience at this festival was unforgettable as we enjoyed it a lot.

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