My Trip to Maldives Islands

19 June, 2020

As most of you will have come across by Maldives Island, it is situated in the south-west. It has a chain of nearly 1,200 islands and most of them are uninhabited.

I travelled to the Maldives with my family in April 2015 and i was 17 at that time, all of us were excited, but I was little more as it was my birthday trip and I was feeling very lucky as I was going to celebrate my birthday on an Island. We reached Male airport by flight Air India at 1005 hours. While arriving at Male airport, one representative from our resort was waiting for us to receive us as we had booked our resort online in advance. Later we sat in a motor boat to resort Paradise Island, blue water was all around our boat which I had never seen in my life, it was such like a dream.

Our resort was so beautiful and gave us a warm welcome with coconut water. Our rooms were at the seashore which gave us excellent views all the time. The staff was courteous and had placed a small welcome birthday cake in my rooResorth was a great surprise for me. The Resort also had a gymnasium overlooking this endless pool right by the sea waters. Ample of options for anyone who loves to play sports like basketball, volleyball, fishing, table tennis and billiards.

Also, the resort helped us in arranging water activities like Scuba diving and snorkelling, Canoeing, Parasailing, Water skiing. I do not know how to swim so I used that time to connect with myself, spent hours while reading a book at the door of the room and my legs dipped in the water, it was relaxing and refreshing for my body. while the rest of my family ventured out to try the various water sports. After spending three days we had a flight to go back and the staff members of the resort dropped us to the airport with a memorable gift.

Overall the trip itself was really memorable as we enjoyed every minute of it by either eating out the various seafood delicacies that the various restaurants at the island offered or by just spending time sitting at the beach and sipping our cocktails and drinks. I personally learnt a lot about myself, connected with my inner soul, got introduced to Yoga and Meditation- which as we all know is a hidden gem from the treasure of India. This trip gave me ample time to sit and relax, concentrate and clearly think about my college applications and I am forever grateful for my parents to give me a trip to Maldives for my 18th birthday.

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