Things must see and do in Kashmir

20 June, 2020

If you just want to escape from your hectic life and want to enjoy nature and capture the beauty of mountains , do adventurous activities or want to find peace. Then I suggest you visit this paradise known as “ Kashmir”. People say Kashmir is like heaven on earth and who does not want to visit heaven ? Kashmir is like a magnet which attracts everyone by its charm and beauty. Many Hindi bollywood movies shot their romantic songs in the valleys of Kashmir. So let me tell you all about this pretty state and all places you must see and things you should do in Kashmir to have some blissful experience and to make your trip unforgettable.

No. 1
Discover Srinagar’s beauty and its popular shikara boat ride

Srinagar is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir , also one of the best places in Kashmir and that's why you cannot miss the opportunity to visit Srinagar. Wherever you go in Kashmir you find beauty everywhere and Srinagar is the proof which has amazing places to visit . First I suggest you must take a shikara ride on Dal Lake in the evening . The boats are so colorful with carpets and rugs and you can capture beautiful pictures of the sunset too . And at sunrise you can come and see the floating markets where vendors sell flowers and vegetables on the boat and it is a very different experience for the tourists. Best places to visit in Srinagar are Pari Mahal , Shankaracharya Temple and Hazratbal shrine. The Hazratbal shrine has a unique islamic structure and the aura there is so calm and peaceful . Note:- Please carry a scarf or some piece of cloth to cover your head. And also there is one very famous dish called Wazwan in Srinagar which you must try . Wazwan is a multi-course meal and almost all the dishes are meat-based and prepared with lamb or chicken but also has few vegetarian dishes . Srinagar and its beauty has always fascinated me but there are many more things and activities also that you can do in Srinagar and the best time to visit Srinagar is around February till July.

No. 2
Explore Gulmarg’ s adventures

It is an amazing location covered with snow which is definitely a feast for the eyes. The view is so awesome here and a perfect place to witness the live snowfall. While in Gulmarg you must take the cable car ride known as Gulmarg gondola and enjoy the scenic and breathtaking view of the mountains which is quite a great experience . Travelers who are interested in visiting temples or churches can visit the famous Maharani Temple or St. Mary’s church . There are more places like Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve and beautiful Alpather Lake where you can spend a good quality time . And now the best part of visiting Gulmarg is that you can do skiing or snowboarding and the most ideal time to visit Gulmarg is from March till June. Visiting here with your friends or family is indeed a good choice .

No. 3
Enjoy hiking at Pahalgam

Pahalgam is an eye catching destination with many rivers and valleys. Many bollywood movies that were shot in this wonderful destination .This small village is an ideal place for hiking and trekking. Pahalgam has many treks and camps which makes it a perfect spot for adventure lovers . The major attraction here is Lider Lake surrounded by pine forests. Another attraction is the Awantipura Ruins which is almost 30 kms from Srinagar and there are two temples there :- Avantiswami temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Avantishwar dedicated to Lord Shiva and they have a great history . You will also have the opportunity to try golf , skiing , fishing in Pahalgam . There are many markets here where you can purchase traditional kashmiri items for yourself or your loved ones . If you plan to visit Kashmir , do visit Pahalgam and spend some days here and appreciate its unmatched beauty.

No. 4
Visit Sonmarg and enjoy Camping - A True heaven

Sonmarg is a small valley and an unbelievably pretty place for camping . Snow covered white mountains on one side and enchanting green mountains on the other side . Isn't it heaven on earth ? Also the sun rays make the view more beautiful and you would not want to leave this place and want to stay here forever surrounded by nature. It is one of the best places in Kashmir which attracts many tourists through the year. For all the camping lovers it is the best place for you . So , bring your tent and spend some beautiful nights here admiring the charm of Sonmarg . You can also do other things in Sonmarg like rafting and trekking . You can visit Sonmarg anytime of the year and the best time to visit is from April till June when you can enjoy here to the fullest. According to me , it is a must visit place for all the explorers out there .

No. 5
Go for Shopping

No vacation is complete without shopping and let me tell you that kashmir is a very famous shopping destination where you will find many traditional kashmiri products. There are many shops and markets everywhere. You can buy traditional Pashmina shawls or stoles of Kashmir which are very different and so beautiful that you will definitely want to have them in your wardrobe. It is also a perfect gift for your friends and family and they will always cherish it . Kashmir is known for its special tea . So if you love tea and want to try something new then you should absolutely try kashmir's tea . This tea is easily available at any grocery store . In the markets ,you can also shop bags, kashmiri clothes, handcrafts , necklaces , bracelets etc. There are many ancient handicrafts shops where you can shop unique pieces. Also Kashmir has saffron plantations . It is the best and also cheaper here so why not also try the speciality of Kashmir. I assure you that you will not go empty handed from Kashmir.

There are many more places to visit and lots of things you must do in Kashmir Kashmir is not only a place to visit but an emotion , an experience which one should have once in your lifetime. Do not ever miss the chance to visit Kashmir and have the best moments of your life .

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