Top 10 reasons why you should visit India

03 July, 2020

India is a magical place and there are many reasons to visit here . You will fall in love with each and every part of India . I know it is a little difficult to choose your next travel destination because you put your money , efforts and time into it so you have to choose wisely where to visit . So i will tell you some of the best reasons why you should travel to India and make the most of your time.

1. Different religions and cultures

India is a vast country with many religions and cultures , making it a popular travel destination . People follow Hinduism, Isalm , Christianity , Sikhism, Buddhism , Jainism. So you will find many temples , mosques and churches in every part of India and see how people live together and respect each other's religion. India's culture is seen in lifestyle , cuisine , languages , art which is quite unique and special and this attracts many people each year from all over the world. India's charm and its beautiful culture will touch your soul and give you many life lessons.

2. Various Art Forms

I think art makes everything beautiful and in India you can witness the various art forms, traditional dances, cuisine and folk music. Every art has its own style and authenticity . You will see many painting art forms in India which have very interesting stories behind them. You can explore and buy paintings also for your loved ones or relish the music and dance forms during your trip .The most ideal time to enjoy the best art and culture of India is during the festival time. At that time , you can see Indian heritage and culture and learn new things about this incredible country.

3. People

You will always feel welcome in India because people here are very friendly and warm hearted and will treat you very well . In India it is believed that ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ means “Guest is God”. Trust me they take this to their grave and there is nothing better than Indian hospitality . Indian people treat their guests in the best possible way to make them feel comfortable in India irrespective of their social status.

4. Delicious Indian Food

Food is the most important reason for you to visit India . Food always brings a smile on one's face . Only in India you can get to try different cuisines .This is the only country where you will witness more vegetarian platters than non vegetarian dishes on any menu. You can have spicy north indian food , light and rice based south indian dishes , lip smacking street food which definately will be a treat for your tastebuds or you can try famous the Indian desserts . Undoubtedly when you will start trying Indian food you will start licking your fingers and still crave for more because every dish is so tasty and its flavours are very rich and authentic . Some of the most famous indian dishes are Dal Makhani (black lentils prepared with spices), Shahi Paneer (cottage cheese prepared with butter and mild spices in form or curry) , Butter chicken ( name says it all, chicken prepared with mild spices and in butter) , Aloo paratha (a flat bread made with flour , potato and butter) , Biryani (rice made with spices , meat , vegetables and cooked in an earthen pot for hours) and street food like golgappe , chaat , and much more . I suggest you try the most famous dessert ‘Rasgullas’ which are so mouth watering and inviting.

5. Architecture and Heritage

India is awe-inspiring and is home to beautiful temples , churches , mosques, palaces and forts which are a blend of history and modernity . Some monuments have great history and their architecture is so unique and exclusive and some buildings have modern designs . You will see the influence of colonial heritage from British , France , Portuguese etc. India has so many gems that make this country a perfect destination to travel. Some of the best places to visit in India include Taj Mahal , Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Khajuraho temples , Amer Fort etc. Taj Mahal is the most renowned monument and every year thousands of tourists come and cherish its beauty and architecture. Indian temples have very fascinating stories and they are constructed very beautifully which is a feast for your eyes .

6. Land of Beaches

India is filled with so many stunning beaches which are great for a holiday to have some fun and relax your mind and body and get away from your busy life . Goa is the most popular destination where you will find so many beaches and can escape from the chaos and enjoy your life to the fullest. Goa is a party place and you can't leave Goa without enjoying the nightlife . Many parties are held at the beaches along with music and drinks. You also have the opportunity to visit beaches in Kerala , Odhisha , Pondicherry etc . According to me, Beach life is the perfect life. You can also enjoy many water activities at the beaches or just have a walk around the beach. Enjoy nature and spend quality time with yourself or with your friends and family .

7. Breathtaking Landscapes and Mountains

If you are a nature seeker, adventure lover or a peace seeker, a trip to the mountains is a must because you can find inner peace , tranquil , fresh air and breathtaking landscapes. Snow covered mountains , waterfalls and rivers will give the best travel experiences of your life. Explore the mountain places such as Leh Ladakh , mcleodganj , darjeeling , manali , shimla etc . You can visit temples , monasteries and also do a lot of shopping . You also have a chance to enjoy trekking, hiking and other adventure activities here . I am a nature lover and love to visit mountains . Whenever I visit these places I find so much peace and sometimes take mediation and yoga classes to feel more calm .

8. Incredible Wildlife

You can experience the incredible wildlife and visit national parks where you can see tigers , elephants , Rufus-bellied hawk eagles and more . Wildlife sanctuaries are perfect for animal photography where you can capture beautiful moments of the animals . Some of the famous national parks are Ranthambore National Park , Kanha , Bandhavgarh national park etc .

9. Festival

There is nothing more wonderful than Indian festivals. All the festivals are celebrated with so much dedication and enthusiasm . The whole atmosphere is so joyful and positive. Huge festival celebrations and the rich traditions is a reason that tourists come to India and want to be part of these festivals. People make sweets , wear traditional clothes , buy gifts and decorte at the time of festival. Most famous festivals of India are Holi , Diwali , Durga Puja , Ganesh Chaturthi etc . At the time of Diwali everyone decorates their home with lights and exchange gifts . Whole place looks like a beautiful bride at that time and at the time of Holi , people celebrate it with vibrant colors and enjoy it a lot . One should witness the Duga puja festival once in their life to understand the indian culture and have that enchanting experience.

10. Shopping

India is a shopping paradise where you can buy anything and everything that you wish for. There are malls , boutiques , market places , street markets where you can buy home decor, clothes, accessories, food items , handicrafts and much more . You can also buy products from local artisans and appreciate their artwork . The shopping experience is kind of fun . You should learn negotiation skills to find the best product that you are looking for. Each state has numerous shopping marketplaces and you can buy traditional rajasthani products too . Shopping is the best part during any holiday and you should buy gifts to immortalize your vacation and keep those gifts as a memory.

This list will never end because there are many more reasons to visit India . Trust me India is a country worth visiting and you will never forget your journey to India. My first trip to India was when I was 11, now I am almost two decades older and I still visit this beautiful south asian country every alternate year to explore the unexplored parts of India

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