Top 5 Places Where Paan Is An Art

By: Nandini Gupta
26 January, 2019

Paan is a perfect after dinner accompaniment for Dilliwalas and has been around for centuries. This bite size betel leaf parcel is stuffed with an assortment of areca nut, cardamom, clove, coconut, liquorice root, cherries, sugared rose petals and fennel. It acts as a wonderful digestive post a heavy meal. Today paan has gotten a quirky avatar and comes in amazing flavours like, fire paan, chocolate paan, ice paan and so much more. Stick with us while we take you to the iconic places in Delhi, serving mind-blowing paans with really interesting twists.

No. 1
Gupta Paan Palace

Where: PCP 01, D Block, Connaught Place
Cost for Two: INR 100 (approx.)

Gupta Paan Palace claims to be one of the oldest paan shops in Delhi. Your first impression of the shop is somewhat dazzling. The exhaustive range of paan varieties and wall-to-wall collage of photographs with celebrity customers keeps your eye busy. They say every ruling President of India has enjoyed their paans one time or the other. This place remains open into the night, stop by for a nibble.

No. 2
Pandey's Paan

Where: New MP’s Market, North Avenue, Connaught Place
Cost for Two: INR 100 (approx.)

Another long-standing favorite of the Presidents, Pandey’s Paan has served to the likes of US Presidents, George Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama on this visit to New Delhi. They have mastered the art of making paans and add their little twist to all their paans. Roasted cashew, strawberry and custard are some of their bestsellers.

No. 3
3. Shaan-E Paan

Where: C-35, Shop 3, Amar Colony, South Delhi Cost for Two: INR 200 (approx.)

Shaan-E Paan finds a busy spot in Amar Colony and is popular for handing out 100% tobacco free paans. Rather than passing the paan directly to your hand, they take the presentation up a notch by serving their paans in beautiful margarita glasses placed on an opulent brass tray. Some of their quirky ones are Shaan-e-Amar Colony, Shaan-e-Romeo Juliet and Santa Banta.

No. 4
Prince Paan

Where: M Block Market, GK-1, South Delhi Cost for Two: INR 100 (approx.)

Prince Paan is a landmark in M Block market and has been around since 1965. This iconic paan shop have been passing on drool-worthy parcels of goodness as well as hookah flavours for decades. Pause here post meal for a mouthful of their legendary chocolate paan on your way to your car.

No. 5
Paan Singh

Where: Rajesh Pilot Chowk, Sector 62, Near South City 2, Gurgaon Cost for Two: INR 200 (approx.)

Paan Singh takes you outside Delhi but this shop deserves mention any way. This is an ideal place to stop by on your evening stroll and indulge in some delightful refreshing paan. Paan Singh remains open into the wee hours of the night. Nothing comes close to their caramel, chocolate crunch and choco hazelnut paans.

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