Trip to Kedarnath

04 November, 2020

India is a country where culture and tradition flow in the veins of Indians. Here, people start their day with prayers and gratitude. In India, there are a lot of pilgrimage sites where people want to go and witness the glory of the lord. Kedarnath temple is the most sacred place for all the people who follow the Hindu religion.

Kedarnath is a town in the state named Uttarakhand. Every year, People from all over the world visit this divine destination of Kedarnath which is situated in a district named Rudraprayag located in the state named Uttarakhand. Along with the visit of Kedarnath temple, you can visit some other holy places like Bhairav Nath Temple, Agastya Muni Temple, Gauri Kund, Chorabari Tal, Mandakini River, Vasuki Tal, and many more.

Kedarnath Temple: This old temple is placed in the Rudra Himalayan range. It is to be said that this temple is around 1200 years old and also the jyotirlinga (Shivalinga) is one of the 12 jyotirlingas in India.

When you visit this beautiful temple, you will find some figures of various divinities are decorated. Also, you will find a statue of Nandi (a great devotee of Lord Shiva) standing guard. When you go inside the temple, you will see a conical shape shiv linga which is worshipped by the devotees. Near this temple, there are three mountains named Kedarnath, Kharchkund, and Bharat Kund. Reaching this temple is not as much easy as one person thinks. You can reach the nearest villages with the help of roads but to reach the Kedarnath Temple, you need to trek the last 14 km which starts from Gaurikund.

No. 1
Best time to visit

The correct time to visit this beautiful temple is from the month of April to September. No one can visit the temples except for these months. On the first day of Kartik month, the doors are closed from October till March. The reason behind this is all the roads and areas are covered by the snow. If you are thinking of planning a trip to Kedarnath temple, then first check the weather update along with the temperature changes.

According to some people, this temple was covered by snow for about 400 years. It is believed that if you pray to the shivling with a full pure heart, Lord shiva will forgive you for all your sins.

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