What to pack while travelling to North India in summers

01 July, 2020

India is a great summer destination and throughout the year India is filled with tourists as it offers so much to explore and in North India you will get to discover everything from temples , palaces , beaches , mountains to everything that you wish to see. If you have your vacations planned in summers then you should also know all the important things to pack while traveling in summers because it is very hot at that time in India but doing sightseeing in summers can be really exciting and fun if you keep in mind some tips and know all the items you should carry with you to make your trip more easy and convenient . Here in this blog i will provide you some instructions for what you should pack while traveling to North India in the summer season.

Loose and comfortable Clothes

Choosing the right clothes to wear is a very important decision and when you visit in summers you should know that the weather is hot so you should carry comfortable and also airy clothes . You should wear cotton clothes as they are best for indian summers. Carry tops , pants , dresses , shorts etc but also keep in mind that if you are visiting any religious place do wear clothes that cover your legs . In some areas it is not advisable to wear short clothes so also carry full length dresses that are light and will look fancy on you . Wear breathable fabric clothes for hot summers so you can enjoy your trip without any discomfort .

Sneakers or comfortable sandals

I think it is a must to carry comfortable footwear like sneakers or flip flops as traveling includes a lot of walking for hours and if you want to visit mountain areas then shoes are the best for hiking. And for girls carrying sandals is a nice option because you will feel more comfortable in sandals than heels while traveling. Do carry heels for a party or any special occasion but don't forget to carry sandals and comfortable sliders too so that you can wear them easily.

Carry Sunscreen

Using sunscreen is very necessary in summers or even in winters because it protects you from sunburn , wrinkles and gives you a healthy skin. If you do not wear sunscreen on dailybasis still i suggest you buy sunscreen and add it to your packing list because you will definitely need it while traveling during summer time. I always carry sunscreen with me in my bag whenever I am traveling or even going outside my house especially in summers . It helps me very much and protects my skin .

Bring sunglasses

Wherever you step outside in summers wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from direct sun UV rays. It is a must carry thing if you want to travel during summer. They will also protect your eyes from dust too.

Water bottle

Always carry water with you because you need to stay hydrated in summers. Drink Plenty of water or sometimes energy drinks that will keep you energized during your vacations.

Wet tissues

It is always good to keep wet tissues handy in summers so that whenever you sweat or feel oily skin you can use them and feel refreshed and clean. You can find different flavoured wet tissues also . I recommend you to buy aloe vera wet wipes as they are really good because aloe vera has many benefits and will be healthy for your skin.

Travel Backpack

Make sure to have a backpack when you travel so that you can keep your essentials there like sunglasses, water bottle , sunscreen lotion , energy bars and other things that you need. If you are going to a hill station and want to go hiking then a backpack will be very easy for you to carry and you will feel free while traveling. Always have a backpack because it has so much space that you can keep all your things in one place which is safer while traveling .

Bring a Swimsuit to beat the summers

Whenever you have the opportunity to go to beaches or swim in a swimming pool, it is good to have a swimsuit with you . In my view , having a nice swim is perfect in summers to feel refreshed and relaxed.


You should always pack smart so it is essential to keep the important medicines while going on a trip and for summers there are some medicines that you should definitely have in your medicine kit like Insect bite anti-itch gel , Bandages , creams for heat rashes , hand sanitizer , fever medicines etc. It is always good to be prepared in advance so that your trip goes smoothly without much problems.

I hope you follow these guidelines and pack all these necessary things with you for summer vacations that will be helpful to you and you can enjoy your holidays with your loved ones .

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