What to pack while travelling to South India in the summer

08 July, 2020

Summer in India starts from mid of April till June month and during this period the South part is very hot and humid and temperature reaches around 40 degree, hence people love to travel on hill stations instead of city/town as hill stations are a little hot during daytime and pleasant in the night.

There are several hill stations like Coorg in Karnataka, Munnar & Wayanad in Kerala, Ooty & Kodaikanal in Tamilnadu and many more. These destinations are paradise in South India during the summer season and lush green trees and mountains are major attractions for tourists.

No. 1
Necessary things/tips need to be carried before travelling in Summers to India.

Loose fitting and breathable clothing

Always carry loose fitting pants/ trousers and shirts or Kurtas and airy T-shirts for men and women. Also, it is better for women to wear long skirts and leave the skinny jeans at home. Also, I will suggest you wear a full sleeve shirt or T-shirt to protect your hands from sun and heat.

Sunscreen and sunglasses

Sunscreen lotion and sunglasses must be included in your travel kit so before going for outing apply sunscreen on your body and wear sunglasses which is the best way to protect your eyes and body from sun rays and heat.


Whenever I am going to visit any place, I keep an umbrella always in my hand as it protects me from bright sun rays and during monsoon from rain.

Comfortable shoes

I am fond of shoes and I have around 15 pairs of shoes in my wardrobe where 8 pairs of shoes are for travelling. I always prefer to wear good quality and comfortable shoes which never disappoint me while ascending to hilly areas, riding car, bicycle or motorbike.


While travelling outside, always carry medicines with you as flu, cough, headache are common diseases in summer season. Also use a mask as it will protect you from dust.

Body care products

Do not forget to carry body care products which are your regular products like dry shampoo, lip balm, face cream, toothbrush, soap and your personal towel also.

A book

Generally people read books to pass their travel time but during my solo travel in bus, train or flight book, it is always my great companion as it fulfills my hobby to read romantic novels. There are 5-6 novels which I always put in my travel bag.

Snack time

Who does not like munching ? Be it the early morning cravings or the late night ones, keeping a few snacks and nuts handy have always been useful for me during my all sorts of trips, so keep some snacks while travelling and trust me they’ll surely come handy during your journey.


Water is an essential thing which you should never avoid because in our body 70% is water so you can think how essential it is. Whether it is a short or long journey I keep 1-2 bottles of mineral water and in summer it goes till 3-4 bottles and I prefer it more than cold beverages as it gives me more energy.

Power bank/ batteries

I love all my electronic items like Camera, Mobile, laptop and you know the best thing in me that I never forget to keep batteries, charger or power banks of those as I never want to miss anything to capture that I like to see. South India is bliss of natural beauty and each and every moment I want to keep as memorable.

These things will make your tour comfortable and memorable and except these things the people of South India will always help you when you need.

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