Why buy the local artisans work

11 July, 2020

We all buy products from the branded shop/ showroom while going out instead of buying it from local artisans. Sometimes our living status stops us from buying it from local vendors as we always think expensive things are good forever, but we never think about the other side, which might be better for us.

Let's find out why we should buy the products from local artisans

Buying local keeps money in the community When you buy a product made by a local artisans, the money you spend stays in the local community in order to go towards the corporate centre in another state or country. When you spend money locally, it helps local people to run their everyday life.

Inspires local prosperity and builds the arts community Artisans are considered small businesses, hence buying locally helps them to extend their business and also it provides jobs to other local people and with the local support they can create unique art in a local community which actually starts with you.

Unique product and better customer service Artisans make unique products by their own labour and sell, they make products with their hard work and interest. Also you will find all things made by them are creative. Do you know local artisans are very friendly and they take a lot of pain and effort to make their product unique and extraordinary.

Locals products give you satisfaction There is no doubt that buying local products is much better as the quality you will find is much better than bulk produced products which are made by cheap materials and do not last long. Local products are not much expensive and last for a longer duration due to good quality, which gives you value for money.

Local artisans make products with their interest and hardwork and due to being in tough competition with the mass producing companies, they try to make their product with good quality so there is no doubt that their customer gets a good product. The money you spend on these things will make them and their community prosperous.

I prefer to buy the local artisans work and if you ever get a chance to view my collection, it will make you feel as if you have walked into a museum. I have got handmade clay lamps to hand painted serving dishes. A mirror decorated with sea shells to a statue of Ganesha ( the elephant god) made out of rice. Every piece of art in my house has a story behind them and is a great way of starting a conversation. So I hope this blog has helped you to widen your horizon as to why we need to procure local artisanal work, not only are they unique but they make our work place, house and us different and special too.

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