Bidar is a city and in Karnataka state, India. It is the administrative seat of Bidar District. Bidar is also known as Karnatakda kerita.The name of Bidar appears to be derived from 'bidiru' which means bamboo. The place seems to have been known for bamboo clusters in the past, came to be known as 'Bidaroor' and then 'Bidare', 'Bidar'. Though there are other versions of origin, the name 'Bidarooru' seems to be more near one and authenticated by contemporary literary works.As you enter the town, the Bidar Fort welcomes you with five darwazas (gates) that lead into a little town nestling within the ramparts. Enter from the Gumbaz Darwaza and steps lead you to the Rangin Mahal. The royal residence has elaborately carved wooden pillars, Persian couplets engraved in encaustic tiles and exquisite mother - of - pearl in lay work. The Solah Khamba Masjid is the oldest Muslim building in Bidar and one of the largest in India. Not to be missed are the Gagan Mahal, the Diwan-E-Am where the fabulous turquoise throne once rested, the Takht Mahal, the Royal Pavilions, the Hazar Kothari, the Nubat Khana and the Bahamani Tombs at Asthur.

Area 43 sq km
Altitude 614 metres above sea level
Temperature Summer-24.0 C-40.0 C Winter-8.20 C-25.0C
Language English, Hindi, Kannada
STD Code 08482
Rainfall 847.2mm. average yearly
Best Time to Visit September to March

Bidar Map

How to get there
1. Air :- The nearest airport is in Hyderabad city, which is 136 km east of Bidar.

2. Rail:-Bidar is connected by rail with Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

3. Road:-Bidar is connected by road to: Hyderabad (136 kms) Bangalore (669 kms) Bijapur (246 kms) Gulbarga (110 kms) Basavakalyana (73 kms).

Places to Visit

Inner Fort Shara Darwaza Shara Darwaza
Rangin Mahal Solah Khamba Masjid Gagan Mahal
Tarakash Mahal The Royal Bath & Kitchen Takht Mahal


Basavakalyan Humnabad


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