In 1193 A.D. when Prithviraj Chauhan was defeated by Sultan Mohammed Ghauri, some Chauhan nobles seeked shelter in Mewar and became allies to the Rana while other young warriors move towards the Chambal valley and overpowered the Meena and Bhil tribals-thus establishing their own kingdom of Hadoti. Later, two branches of Hadas formed two separates states of Kota and Bundi, on either side of the river Chambal. Bundi is surrounded by the Aravalli hills on the three sides and is circumscribed by a massive wall with four gateways.

Area 56 sq km
Altitude 515 metres above sea level
Temperature Summer-23.0 C-43.0 C Winter--5.2 C-32.0C
Language English, Hindi, Rajsthani
STD Code 0747
Rainfall 75 cm average yearly
Best Time to Visit September to March

Bundi Map

How to get there
1. Air :- Jaipur's is practically the nearest airport (about 210 km away).

2. Rail:-Atrain links are from Kota, Agra and many other cities.

3. Road:-Bundi is approchable by road from Kota (40 km), jaipur(206) and many other cities.

Places to Visit

Chhattar Mahal Chittra Shala
Hathi Pole Nawal Sagar
Raniji ki  Baori Palace
Ratan Daulat Sahr Bagh
Sukh Mahal Taragarh


Bijolia Jait Sagar Kota
Rameshwaram Talwas  


Hotel Ishwari Niwas