Ghaziabad is an industrial city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The city houses the headquarters of the Ghaziabad district. The city gets its name from the founder Ghazi-ud-din, who called it Ghaziuddinnagar after himself. Later the name was shortened to Ghaziabad. It is a large industrial city well-connected by roads and railways. It has industries that manufacture railway coaches, diesel engines, bicycles, tapestries, glassware, pottery, paint and varnish, heavy chains etc. Recently a number of malls and multiplexes have come up in the city and the roads are being improved by construction and widening of flyovers. These developments have also led to it being featured in Newsweek International as one of the 10 most dynamic cities of the world for 2006.

Area __ sq km
Altitude 250 metres above sea level
Temperature Summer-Min.-30.0C,Max.-43.0 C Winter,Min.-5.0C,Max.-26.0C
Languages English, Hindi
STD Code >0120
Rainfall 80 cm average yearly
Best Time to Visit September to March

Ghaziabad Map

How to get there
1. Air :--The nearest airport is the Indira Gandhi International airport, New Delhi which is about 45 km.

2. Rail:-Ghaziabad is a railway junction and several lines pass through the city. The main railway station is situated in the middle of the city
3. Road:- By road, Ghaziabad is well-connected on all sides to Delhi, Noida and other Indian cities.

Places to Visit

Mohan Nagar


Delhi Noida


Lemon Tree Hotel