Jamnagar is a city and a municipal board in Agra district in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.The historical city was constructed by Mughal emperor Akbar beginning in 1570 and served as the empire's capital from 1571 until 1585, when it was abandoned for reasons that remain unclear. The surviving palace and mosque are a tourist attraction and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Today, Fatehpur Sikri is a deserted, phantom city. But the inner citadel is immaculately preserved. Its walls, palaces, baths, royal mint,courts and gardens still stand in splendidhomage to a great visionary and builder. The heart of the palace complex however, is verymuch alive.

Area __ sq km
Altitude 12 m sea level
Temperature Summer-Min.-24.0C,Max.-43.0C Winter,Min.-10.0C,Max.-24.0C
Languages Gujarati, Hindi, English
STD Code 0288
Rainfall >__ cm average yearly
Best Time to Visit October to March

Jamnagar Map

How to get there
1. Air :--Flights of Indian Airlines, Jet Airways and Gujarat Airways connecting Jamnagar and Mumbai(Bombay).

2. Rail:-On the Western Railway with direct connection with Ahmedabad. The Jamnagar Railway Station is well known as a Gandhinagar Railway Station. 3. Road:-State Transport buses and private luxury coaches connects various centres of Gujarat. Jamnagar is 308 kms from Ahmedabad via Rajkot and 92 kms from Rajkot

Places to Visit

Solarium Bala Hanuman Temple
Darbar Gadh Rozi And Bedi Ports
Lakhota Fort And Kotha Bastion Cremation Park
Mandvi Tower Willingdon Crescent


Botanical Gardens Ooty Lake Masinagudi
Wayanad Ooty Kotagiri

The Bandhani `tie-and-dye' of Jamnagar is well known the world over Apart from these, artifacts like Bangles with inlay of brass, Beetle nut crackers, agate paperweights; Kum kum, Kajal, Surma, brass covered wooden chests etc, are available at the Khadhi Bhandars around Hotel President.Modern articles can also be bought from around the city.One can easily spend a couple of hours exploring the lanes leading out from Lindi Bazaar & Chandi Bazaar.


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Hotel Dreamland Hotel Regency