Paro is a place full of legends and history and events which marked the beginning of great cultural heritage of the country. According to legends, Guru Rimpoche (Padmasambhava) came on the back of a tigress to Paro in AD 761, bringing with him the teachings of Buddha from Tibet. Guru Rimpoche established the most important religious site in Bhutan, the Taktsang Lhakang or Tiger's Nest near Paro. Religious leaders of Paro controlled Western Bhutan for quite a long time and Nyingmapa School established by Guru Rimpoche gave great monks and able leaders (the present monarchy also belong to same school). Sgabdrung Ngwang Namgyal arrived in Bhutan in 1616 from Tibet and established the dual system of governance here that remained in place till the beginning of last century. At the end of 19th century Penlop of Paro was defeated by Penlop of central and eastern Bhutan, who later became the first king of the country.

Area 196.3 sq km
Temperature Summer-12.0 C-26.0 C Winter-0.0 C-20.0 C
Language Dzongkha, Sharchop Kha, Nepali, English.
ISD Code 975
Best Time to Visit Round the year

Paro Map

How to get there
1. Air :- Paro International Airport is the gateway to the country connected by national carrier Druk Air with Calcutta, Kathmandu, New Delhi, Dhaka, and Bangkok.

2. Rail:-No railway Link

3. Road:-Paro is connected to Thimphu, the capital, with an all weather road. Public transport is served by the buses which are often crowded and you are advised not to use them. More often than not, you will visit Bhutan through a travel agency recognised by government of Bhutan. Make sure that your guide is waiting for you at the airport with the transport.

Places to Visit

Taktsang Lhakang (Tiger's Nest) Paro Dzong


Taktsang Lhakang (Tiger's Nest) Paro Dzong

Weekend bazaars and small shops sell precious stones brought from Tibet and India, local weaving products, local vegetables and fruits, antique silverware, and old Tibetan coins. To export the antique items from Bhutan, government certification is required.


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