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 Archaeological Museum & Portrait Gallery
The museum has been functioning since 1964 in the abandoned convent of St. Francis of Assisi and is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). The collection consists of Brahmanical sculptures hero-stones and sati stones of the early and late medieval periods, portraits, coins and currency, revenue and court fee stamps, wooden and bronze sculptures and armoury of the Portuguese period.

The Key Gallery
The key gallery in the ground floor serves as an introduction to the nature of exhibits in the museum. As one enters the key gallery the visitor is introduced to the short history of Goa in the form of an open book placed on a pedestal. The plan of the museum is on the left sidewall. Taking right turn one comes across a wall showcase containing middle and upper Paleolithic stone tools, Microliths and a few Neolithic Celts. A short historical background highlighting the prehistory of Goa and the location of prehistoric sites is shown in the map of Goa.
  Archives Museum of Goa - Panaji
The Museum of Goa is housed at a new Building at the Patto Plaze near the Ourem creek, Panaji. The most noteworthy feature of Panjim's State Archeological Museum is its imposing size, which stands in glaringly inverse proportion to the scale of the collection inside. In their bid to erect a structure befitting a state capital, Goa's status-obsessed bureaucrats ignored the fact that there was precious little to put in it.

Various section of the museum include ancient history and sculptures, geology, coins, anthropology and western art, picture gallery, agriculture, and forestry and natural.

The gallery of the museum showcases ancient epigraphs, dowdy colonial era artifacts, temple sculpture, bronze panels, wooden panels, miniature paintings and old manuscripts.
 The Big Foot Art Gallery Loutelim
The Big Foot Art Gallery & Handicrafts Centre, Loutulim offers local artifacts (also spelt as artifacts) and handicrafts to visitors who come to have a glimpse of Ancestral Goa.

Conceived as a means to promoting amateur artisanship in all its form, the Big Foot Art Gallery is one place that has played host to artists of State and National fame.
  The Naval Aviation Museum - Vasco
The Naval Aviation Museum is a glorious tribute to the origin and evolution of the Indian Naval Wing. Showcasing a multitude of warbirds that served the duty of the land, the Naval Aviation Museum is the only one of its kind in the whole of Asia. Inaugurated on October 12, 1998, the Naval Aviation Museum is divided into two sections, an out-door exhibit and a number of indoor galleries.

Starting off with a humble collection of six vintage naval aircrafts, the museum has metamorphosed into India's second largest aviation museum with twelve aircrafts on display. Among the aircraft collection, the piece-de-resistance is the giant Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation borrowed by the Navy from the Indian Air Force. Other aircrafts include Sea Harrier, Sea Hawk, Sealand, Alize, Dove, Vampire and Hughes.
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