The Main ghat and is supposed to be at the precise spot where the Ganges leaves the mountains and enters the plains. Consequently, the river's power to wash away sins at this spot is superlative and endorsed by a footprint Vishnu (God of Hindu) left in a stone here. The ghat is on the west bank of a canal through which the Ganges is diverted just to the north. Each evening at sunset priests perform Ganga Aarti (the river worship ceremony) here, when lights are set on the water to drift downstream while priests engage in elaborate rituals. In addition to the main ghat, a series of smaller ghats extends along the canal bank, with large orange and white life-guard towers at intervals to ensure that bathing pilgrims don't get swept away.

Bara Bazaar

On the north side of the canal, between Har-Ki-Pauri and the Upper Rd, is colorful Bara Bazaar. Along with the religious paraphernalia, or prasaad (food offered to the gods, images of the deities, religious pamphlets etc) are scores of tiny stalls crammed along both sides of bazaar selling an assortment of goods including shawls, brassware, glass bangles, wooden whistels, bamboo canes and can baskets.

Mansa Devi Temple

Atop a hill overlooking Haridwar, this temple is dedicated to the goddess mansa. Mansa is one of the forms of Shakti Durga who makes wishes come true. It is connected by a ropeway to the heart of town.

Chandi Ghat Temple

Erected on Nhil Hill by a Kashmir raja, Suchet Singh, in 1929, and there are a number of temple at the hill. You may see large river turtles on the banks of the Nildhara River.

Gorkhnath Temple

An imposig edifice dedicated to Guru Gorkhnath on main road leading to Har-Ki-Pauri. As might be expected in such an ancient pilgrim centre, Haridwar has temples for all devotess, all shades of religious persuasions underthat great umbrella of faith called Hinduism.

Saptrishi Ashram

About 5km from Haridwar, named after the seven rishis (sages) who prayed here for the good of humanity. It has mythological origin and it is said that Saptrishis (Seven sages) who had trapped the Ganga agreed to release the River on King Bhagirath's request, provided it split into seven streams.

Bharat Mata Temple

It is a 'modern' temple dedicated to 'Mother India'. An imposing seven-storyes high structure, it has statues of gods and goddesses and other Indian saints, sages and heroes of Indian myth and legend.