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Balaghat Balaghat is a city in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. The town was originally called "Burha" or "Boora", but this name was replaced by "Balaghat", which means "above the ghats or passes." ** Balaghat - Transport** Balaghat is connected by trains and by bus with the larger cities. The nearest airport is at Nagpur. ** Balaghat - places of interest** The following places of interest are located in Balaghat, or in the district: Part of Kanha National Park. Bajrang Ghat Shankar Ghat Aama Ghat Kaliputli Prem Nagar Old Ram Mandir Lanji Fort/Temple. Nahlesara Dam. Rampaily Temple. Gomji-Somji Temple. Malajkhand copper mines Bharveli Manganise mines Gangulpara Botanical Garden


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Balaghat is located at 21.8° N 80.18° E and has an average elevation of 288 metres (944 feet).


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