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Barwani also known as Badwani or Siddh Nagar, is in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India, situated near the left bank of the Narmada River. It can be reached by road and the nearest airport and rail station is Indore, is 150 kms away.


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Barwani was formerly the capital of Rajputs of the Sesodia clan, descended from the ruling dynasty of Udaipur. After India's independence in 1947, the Rana of Barwani acceded to India, and Barwani became part of Madhya Pradesh. Barwani has an average elevation of 178 metres and is surrounded by Satpura hills. The city is called as Paris of Nimar. Nimar in local terms means "Area beyond Neem Trees". Bawangaja, the Jain pilgrimage place, is 8 km from Barwani. River Narmada flows through Barwani. Barwani is not well connected via rail, and air but has good connectivity via roads.


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