Heritage Hotels in Luni

Hotel Fort Chanwa, LuniLuni is 35 kms away from Jodhpur. The small village of Luni lies 35 kms away from Jodhpur and is a home to many craftsmen who work with metal, clay or wood, keeping alive the skills passed down over the centuries by their ancestors. Fort Chanwa is an exceptional example of Indian archietecture. The noise and bustle of the village settles down by evening and all is quiet as peace descends on the desert. The village invites the visitors to the nearby fort and treats them co-ordially to its customs and traditions.

Location : 35 Kms. from Jodhpur.

Accommodation : 19 Rooms.

Cuisine : Indian and Rajasthani.

Dining :Restaurants - 1, Bar - 1.

Address : Fort Chanwa, Luni, Rajasthan.