Classical Indian Music - Raga Deepak by Tan Sen

"Where the genius of Tansen sat at Sadhana... symbolising the endeavour of the individual artist and the fusion of two cultures - Hindu and Muslim, to enrich Indian Art."

Music is the base of life. Without music life is devoid of the colours. The emotions and sentiments in life finds expression in music. Music was born with the birth of the Universe. In India music is there in its veins and in the life line of its society. In the Indian mythology special place has been given to the musicians and even God are addicted to music. Music provides the relationship between God and Human beings.

DipakIn India the musicians create the effect of seasons through ragas, the feelings of the seasons are incorporated in the ragas. One such musician was the legendary "Tansen". He was said to have performed miracles with his ragas. He painted pictures, brought rains, lighted fire with his singing. One of the stories about him goes that while watching birds in the jungle he noticed that by the whistling of birds in the dusk twigs caught fire. Tansen then experimented with ragas and formulated the raga Deepak. This raga when sung caused fire in the area of performance. During this time Akbar was the Emperor and his rivals forced Tansen to sing the raga so that every thing gets burnt. But Tansen asked for some time and in the mean while he taught a lady the raga to bring rains. This was raga Megha Malhar.

On the fixed day when Tansen was performing every thing got heated up. the lamps started glowing but nothing caught fire. This was because the lady was singing Megha Malhar which brought rains to douse off the fire. Such was the magic of Tansen who could alter the course of nature with his ragas. India has produced masters like Tansen.