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Delhi is a paradise for shoppers. Here you can buy almost anything from anywhere in India. Delhi has thousands of good shops tidily grouped together subject wise - antiques, handicrafts, European fashions, leather articles, rugs and carpets, linen & fabrics, silks, jewelry, furniture etc.

One can buy leather items, Carved Stone pieces, Precious Stones, Silk Products, Wood Work, Jewelry from Delhi. Best thing of Delhi is that one...  More

The International Trade Fair - The International Trade Fair starts on the 14th day of November every year. This trade fair is held at the Pragati Maidan. This fair is a major event for the Business community. Corporate houses from all over the world come in this fair and business deals are finalised in a big way. This fair is also a major tourist attraction...  More

Music update
"Where the genius of Tansen sat at Sadhana... symbolising the endeavour of the individual artist and the fusion of two cultures - Hindu and Muslim, to enrich Indian Art."

Music is the base of life. Without music life is devoid of the colours. The emotions and sentiments in life finds expression in music. Music was born with the birth of the...  More

Dance update "Classical Dance "Kuchipudi" from Andhra Pradesh"
Kuchipudi a dance form given to the Indian dance platform by a small village in the Andhra Pradesh. Kuchipudi is not mere a dance form but is combination of dance, gestures, speech and song. A Kuchipudi dancer has to to be well versed in dancing ...  More