Best Adventure Places to visit in Delhi for a Crazy Experience with Friends and Family

27 March, 2021

Each person who visits Delhi for the first time falls in love with its neverending charm and beauty. The fact that Delhi offers plenty of options for every kind of traveler makes it one of the most happening cities in India. If you are a history buff, nature enthusiasts, adventure seeker, or foodie, you will not be disappointed while you are in Delhi. Delhi is one of the best tourist holiday destinations for a romantic trip, family trip, and even for a solo trip as it will provide you with a bunch of sweet as well as crazy experiences to remember. So, if you are a true adventurer and are in Delhi. Be ready to explore different adventure places and try exciting adventurous activities in Delhi.

Air Safari in Gurgaon

Many of us have a dream of flying in the sky like a bird and able to see the beautiful surroundings from above. I know it sounds interesting and you can have this opportunity to fly to Flyboy Aero Park in Gurgaon. Air Safari allows you to fly in a small automobile that is attached to a parachute and an expert pilot will be with you during this activity to ensure your safety. Air Safari is becoming a really popular adventure activity that allows you to have a unique air experience.

If you want to surprise your partner with special arrangements such as flower showers or romantic love messages, you can make your love story more special by going to this place.

F9 Go Karting in Gurgaon

Without any doubt, go for a Go-Kart Race for a thrilling experience with your friends. Considered one of the best adventure activities to do in Delhi, Go-Karting is a must-try. You can select from various packages available there. Have fun times with friends and family, break the speed records and surprise everyone with your amazing driving skills.

Off-roading in Gurgaon

The off-road adventure takes you to a world full of adventure where you can enjoy and indulge in activities including a zip line, wall climbing, go-karting, and paintball. All these activities are a great chance for you to test your skills and have an amazing time with your dear ones. You can spend a full day here with your kids also as this place has a kids zone where they can show their skill and have fun. So, do visit here to satiate your hunger for adventure and have some thrill in your life.

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Noida

Looking for something adventurous to try while you are in Delhi? You should go to Sky Waltz in Noida to try a hot air balloon ride for an experience you won't get anywhere else. You will be able to enjoy the mesmerizing sunset view and see the entire city like a bird in the sky. If you are going on a date or want to have a unique experience with friends, this is something you should try.

Paragliding in Gurgaon

When you think you have discovered and explored everything on land, now it is time to explore the sky. Paragliding is a refreshing experience that will make you feel most alive and give you memories for life. A Pilot will be there to guide you and make sure you have the best aerial experience of your life. This lovely adventurous activity will pamper the thrill-seeker in you for sure.

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