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You can’t define Delhi in just a few words. The city is too dynamic for that. It’s rich history saturated with old stories reflects in beautiful heritage buildings tucked around the sprawling city. The dusty patina of the old stonewalls gives a rumbling beauty to the city landscape and one can almost hear the sounds of the past echoing.

This city is a haven for gourmets. Right from traditional Mughlai nooks tucked behind Jama Masjid to fancy world class restaurants, Delhi has something for everyone. It’s vibrancy extends to it’s handlooms as well, filling the noisy bustling bazaars with a colorful display of local merchandise. Delhi is an exotic vivid destination deserving to be on your itinerary.

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Road Trips Are A Good
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While Delhi itself is a fantastic city with a lot of touristy destinations, places surrounding the city often calls for you to pick up your car and take an adventurous road trip. We give you a thorough run down on all the wonderful places you can stop by and bask in on your road trip, giving your Instagram followers plenty of reasons to be envious.


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Every City Has Some Unique Experiences

Delhi is a full cultural experience you should not miss on. The abundance of talent in theatre, literature, gastronomy and even art is truly impressive. You will have your fill of museums, old bazaars, finest of restaurants, planetariums and knowledgeable heritage walks around the city. There is a lot you will discover in this diverse city, if you keep an open mind.

Best things about journeys are that sometimes they bring in the unexpected. Touring around Delhi, you will find several amazing places nestled worthy of your notice. You can steal some time off your itinerary and explore some of the areas just outside Delhi. There are many spots fairly in your reach if you want to do a one-day trip away from Delhi.

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Every person with wanderlust has Delhi on their list and for the right reason. This culturally diverse city is known for it’s ancient heritage, colorful noise and rich background. Plan your visit soon, for this city has a lot to offer.

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