Art Inspirations in Delhi

Follow the Delhi art trail and capture the artistic scene of this vibrant city.

Art Inspirations in Delhi

Delhi breathes art. Everywhere you look, you will see some form of talent. Your first glance of the city will instantly introduce you to great architectural beauty influenced by Mughal and British era. Walk in the corridors steeped in history, to cover the same ground kings walked on. Art galleries celebrating new passionate artists by giving them a classy platform to display their work, pops up across the city. Visit National Museum of Modern Art near India Gate to get your fill of artistic side of Delhi. To buy regional handlooms and artwork from various states of India, hail a cab to Dilli Haat where numerous artisans puts up exhibitions to display their incredible work.

Delhis art museums are a playground for creativity and artistic visions. Under imposing heritage buildings lies some of the finest artwork in the country. One of the most popular ones is the National Museum of Modern Art, ensconcing a dazzling array of creative treasures spanning up to hundreds of years of Indian heritage. Another one is National Crafts Museum displaying traditional crafts of India.

Delhi hosts several great art institutions where you can hone your skills as an artist. Many of them has been established in the mid 1900’s, dedicating many decades towards refining the artistic sides of their students. National Institute of Fine Arts, Delhi School of Art, are run by government and are oldest art institutions in the city. They offer various courses focusing on all aspects of art. You can enroll yourself for short-term courses available.

Delhi holds hundreds of entertaining events throughout the year. Theatrical plays, stand-up comedy, live musical performances, dance performances, keeps the locals culturally fulfilled. There is always something happening around the city in terms of art performances. Check the newspapers or hook yourself to culture news blasts to stay in loop with the art circuit. Many auditoriums in the city puts up advertisements announcing the upcoming events.

Indian Habitat Center and Lalit Kala Academy are two places you should go to feed the art aficionado in you. Only open for limited hours, both of these places are home to cultural events, exhibitions and home to art lovers. Go to their website to see what events are happening in near future. These are sprawling art spaces welcoming everybody with a love for art and culture to experience firsthand what Delhi has to offer.

If you have been meaning to savor the fine art scene of Delhi then you can visit one of several art galleries dotted around the city. One of the finest collection of art is housed at National Gallery of Modern Art, which used to be a prior residence of Maharaja of Jaipur. Old Mehrauli Badarpur Road is pierced by several sleek contemporary art galleries, promising a divine selection of new and upcoming talent. There are many other tucked in Connaught Place, Mandi House and Hauz Khas Village.

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Every person with wanderlust has Delhi on their list and for the right reason. This culturally diverse city is known for it’s ancient heritage, colorful noise and rich background. Plan your visit soon, for this city has a lot to offer.

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