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There’s just no place on earth quite like Ladakh. Starting from its landscape, sky, shooting stars, silence, wizened faces, rosy cheeks, dragons and Zen – everything about Ladakh makes it stand apart, like a jazz crescendo on the lose. This ethereal cold desert that goes by names such as ‘The Last Shangrila’, Moonscape, Little Tibet and so many others – all of which ring true, is a land that seldom fails to baffle or surprise.

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  • Capital: Leh, Kargil
  • Area: 117,000 square km
  • Altitude: 3,000 metres
  • Summer Temperature: 10°C to 15°C
  • Winter Temperature: -15°C to -35°C
  • Rainfall :140 mm
  • Season :April - June
  • Languages :Tibetan and Ladakhi
  • Airport :Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport Ladakh

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