Culture in Delhi

Explore religious places, places of workship and cultural programs in Delhi

Culture in Delhi

Delhi’s dynamic is composed of different cultures and communities find a common ground and living together harmoniously, calling the city it’s home. The city was initially a refugee settlement of immigrants left homeless during the partition of India, which is why you will see a strong Sikh influence all over the city. Four primary religions, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian, find the basic demographic of Delhi. It is further enhanced by expats coming to settle here, bringing with them their own unique flavor. Delhi comes across as vibrant, artistic and colorful, owing much to the various cultures forming the city.

Delhis art museums are a playground for creativity and artistic visions. Under imposing heritage buildings lies some of the finest artwork in the country. One of the most popular ones is the National Museum of Modern Art, ensconcing a dazzling array of creative treasures spanning up to hundreds of years of Indian heritage. Another one is National Crafts Museum displaying traditional crafts of India.

Indian Habitat Center and Lalit Kala Academy are two places you should go to feed the art aficionado in you. Only open for limited hours, both of these places are home to cultural events, exhibitions and home to art lovers. Go to their website to see what events are happening in near future. These are sprawling art spaces welcoming everybody with a love for art and culture to experience firsthand what Delhi has to offer.

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Every person with wanderlust has Delhi on their list and for the right reason. This culturally diverse city is known for it’s ancient heritage, colorful noise and rich background. Plan your visit soon, for this city has a lot to offer.

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