Half Day Old Delhi Tour

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One cant truly experience Delhi until they walk around Old Delhi soaking in all the history. Purani Dilli as Old Delhi is fondly called by the locals, is a city in itself. The sprawling labyrinths of narrow lanes bursting with small vintage shops, decades-old houses and eateries going way back to the times of Mughal Empire, infuses an old worldly charm to this side of the city. Purani Dilli is starkly different in appearance to New Delhi. While New Delhi has a cosmopolitan sheen of evolvement, Purani Dilli still retains that patina of eras passing it by. Laid out just opposite of the imposing Red Fort, Chandini Chowk is the gateway to this age-old civilization. Taking a walk around Old Delhi is like peeking through a window of time. Dangling electricity poles, narrow dimly lit lanes punctuated with cows and a wide line of rickshaws waiting patiently for pedestrians to make up their mind. Old Delhi tour will be a journey full of surprises and enchanting sights.

Touring around Purani Dilli, your senses will come alive, as you will encounter a myriad of delicious smells and many captivating sights synonymous to Old Delhi. Indulge in your love for art as you stroll amidst the magnificent corridors of Jama Masjid, capturing many a scenes in your camera. Just behind this old mosque is a foodie paradise, where you can feast on a plethora of melt-in-your-mouth kebabs and lip-smacking mutton curries polished off with sweet sheermal bread. Visit the largest spice market in Asia, Khari Baoli, to top-up your spice pantry at home. Enter the architectural rainforest of Chandini Chowk, strolling amongst the oldest buildings (some going back to Mughal-British era), pausing to admire stunning handicrafts, glossy gold-woven fabrics and acquire colorful bits of souvenirs for your friends back home. Chandini Chowk is a well-known epicurean hub, studded with many fabulous old eateries worth trying. Here you can munch on delightful local food enjoyed by natives for decades.

On your half-day Old Delhi hop, you will breeze through the vicinity on an open rickshaw gaining 360-degree views of this ancient market. You will get a chance to interact with the locals, share stories and get an insiders knowledge of hidden treasures. Punctuate your tour with a temple visit or stop by at some famous old eatery to gorge on yummy Indian food. Crane your neck in all directions drinking in the exotic views of the bazaars, capturing heritage buildings and admiring local day-to-day life of Purani Dilli. A chance to visit a local home will give you a better insight of Indian culture. We will treat you to an amazing traditional meal in a beautiful Haveli (old private mansion) nestled in Old Delhi, where you can see the beauty of a traditional heritage home. An English speaking local guide, who will take you through the tour with an effortless performance, will accompany you. It is our priority to make your experience a secure comfortable one.

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