Cooking Class Followed By A Meal

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Have you ever visited an Indian restaurant where you have come out wondering just how the chef made that particular dish You have a chance to find a solution on your Delhi trip. We will help you find your skills as a chef and give you a crash course about the dynamic world of Indian cuisine in matter of few hours. Through this itinerary, you will attend an enlightening cooking class where an experienced native chef will teach you how to cook a basic Indian meal. Indian cuisine could be pretty simple if you go around to tackle it but without the proper knowledge about which spice combination should be used for what dish, you will not have a decent grasp on the cuisine. A lot goes into the preparation of Indian meal. The right spice profile, basic masala, which vegetables/protein to add to which dish, how to improve the flavour and finally what is the best way to accompany the dish.

In this cooking class, you would cook up a storm, replete with aromatic spices and freshest of local ingredients. For those few hours, you will learn how spices can positively affect your health and can be remedy of many minor health conditions. Absorb the intricacies of Indian cuisine, how a particular dish came to be and whats the story behind it. For culinary fanatics, the class will show the basic dishes eaten by most Indians. How climate and geography influence the diet of the natives of that particular region. The chef will tell you about some of the most popular dishes in Indian cuisine, dishes that are pivotal to Indian palate. Here is your chance to learn how to whip up a mean butter chicken you friends have been dreaming about. Indians have an in-depth knowledge about vegetarian cooking, a fact vegans and newly-turned vegetarians would appreciate. Pick up some pointers about vegetarian cooking and add a desi flair to your dull menus.

Follow this hand on cooking class with a magnificent three-course meal, cooked by yourself. If you want to keep the class private, that could be arranged too. Meal times are family times in Indian households, when the entire family share the meal around a huge table, laughing and talking. Get into the spirit of the day by eating the food like an Indian family. Share stories with each other, talk about your trip and how have your experience been so far. Forgo of the fork & knife and enjoy your Indian meal in a traditional way, with hands. Throughout this itinerary, your comfort and pleasure will be our utmost priority. For chefs wanting to pick up some Indian cooking pointers, we could customize the itinerary as per their requirements so that you have an amazing time learning and experiencing Indian cuisine. Take back with you an intricate knowledge of traditional Indian cuisine and dazzle your friends with your newfound skills.

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