Market Visit & Cooking Class followed by Meal

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Indian cuisine has come a long way. Over the past decade, the cuisine has emerged from the shadows to step into the spotlight by being featured on international platform by reputed chefs. Native chefs are creating buzz across the world with their intricate knowledge of spices and ancient cooking techniques given to them by their ancestors. For those visiting India wanting to know more about its food would relish this experience of visiting a local market to handpick the ingredients followed by a cooking class educating about how to prepare a traditional Indian meal. Indian cuisine is a beautiful juxtaposition of fragrant spices, fresh vegetables and use of pure dairy. Every spice has many health benefits, improving not only your palate but your health and immunity as well. Cooking with natural and traditional ingredients is a great stress buster as well and an amazing way to get to know the culture better.

When shopping for their food, Indians like to stay away from glass encased air-conditioned supermarkets and prefer buying their produce from their favorite local vendor, who for a regular customer often shaves off the price. Not only they get a bargain on vegetables but also they always prefer to choose their vegetables themselves to assure the freshness. Indian local markets are a noisy colorful place echoing with the sounds of bargaining and heavy with the aroma of fresh farm-bought vegetables. You would see people walking from one vendor to the other driving down the price, judging the quality of their produce. The eye-catching mounds of vegetables and fruits displayed attractively to draw your eye makes for a lovely local scene. More often than most, vegetable-fruit market is situated separately from the fish-chicken market, due to the sentiments of vegetarian communities. Delhi has tons of local markets busting with freshest of produce, carrying everything from affordable day-to-day vegetables to more exotic pricey fare. Fill your tote with assortments of vegetables before moving onto buy the lentils, another important component of Indian cuisine.

After sourcing the right produce for a traditional Indian meal, head with us to cook up a storm. Under the experienced guidance of native chef, refine your knowledge of spices, lentils, rice and traditional Indian recipes. The authentic culinary experience begins with knowing your ingredients. Learn how to use the spices in their correct order and quantity. Cook authentic Indian curries with its right accompaniments and then sit down with your companions to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Share your experiences of the market haul and laugh on the stories created there. Indian food is all about bring people together and eat like a one big family. From self-bought local ingredients to cooking a traditional meal, this hands on itinerary will leave you with better grasp on Indian cuisine and its vibrant culture. This custom made itinerary will be created by keeping your comfort in mind.

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