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No one who is touring around Delhi can resist the urge to go see the famous Taj Mahal, residing firmly only couple of hours away in the old headquarters of Mughal dynasty, Agra. The majestic Mughal architecture created entirely from pristine white marble is the very symbol of eternal love. It was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his favorite wife in the mid 1600s and is a stunning sight to behold. Historians call it the masterpiece of Mughal art in India and is one of the most celebrated and photographed heritage sites across the world. The uniqueness of Taj Mahal should not be limited to photographs. Rather, if given a chance you should definitely arrange your Delhi itinerary in a way to give you some room for a same day Taj Mahal trip. The exquisite craftsmanship, delicate marble lattice screens and superb engravings etched in marble will forever be remembered by you.

About this activity

Duration of travel 2-3 hours by car via Yamuna Expressway.
Visiting hours Opens 30 mins before sunrise and closes 30 mins before sunset.
Operational days Open all days of the week. Except Fridays.

Buying a Taj Mahal ticket online

Only one official website, [](, offers information and ticketing service for Taj Mahal tickets. Both foreign and domestic visitors may use the e-ticket booking for the ASI Taj Mahal monument as well as Humayuns Tomb in Delhi & other mausoleum.


1) A perfectly safe comfortable introduction to first-time visitors

2) Eradicate the hassle of planning the days itinerary by yourself on a private Taj Mahal tour from New Delhi

3) Commute in relaxed air-conditioned vehicle without the stress of navigating new geography

4) Benefit of having someone experienced and eloquent to guide you

5) No botheration of standing in queues and buying tickets

6) At hand insider information about your destination

7) Acquisition of a proper trained guide

8) Cool bottled water available

What else to do in Agra

If you have few hours left from your Taj Mahal tour then invest them by exploring the Agra city. Agra is one of the oldest cities in the world with a vivid history. One glance around you will show you the splendor left behind by the Mughals. The magnificent monuments, labyrinths of colorful regional bazaar, perfectly manicured old Mughal gardens and a cornucopia of Indian flavours puts Agra as an amazing destination. Use those shaved off extra hours from your Taj Mahal trip to roam around experiencing the city. Here is what you can do and see.

Photograph the majestic Agra Fort

Nestled near the gardens of the world famous Taj Mahal, Agra Fort will not take too much of your time. Within manageable distance from your original destination, this beautiful 16th century monument can be called the Red Fort of Agra. The imposing red stone fortress comprises of Jahangir Palace, Khas Mahal, audience halls and two mosques. The brilliant architecture will blow up your Instagram.

Visit the Baby Taj Mahal / Tomb of Itimad Ud Daulah

The mausoleum is said to be the draft complex for the main event, Taj Mahal. From the first impression, it seems like a model for Taj, hence the name Baby Taj. One can see similarities including the symmetry, towers and even the long reflective pool leading up to the tomb. The gardens of the tomb gives a great vantage view of the Yamuna river, where you can sit for a while and soak in the atmosphere. Entry is only a few dollars.

Catch the sunset at Mehtab Bagh

After paying a nominal entrance fee, you can enter the lush gardens laid out just across river Yamuna to achieve a spectacular view of Taj Mahal. As the sky changes colors behind the Taj Mahal, the sight could be truly captured unhindered by the crowd. The park is peaceful and offers much better view of Taj Mahal from across river Yamuna.

Indulge in favorite local dessert petha

Other than Taj Mahal, Agra is popularly associated by the famous petha available across the city. Petha is a delicious dessert made from pumpkin, closely resembling the texture of Turkish delight. It does come in various fruity flavours, although the original is most sought after. It has a great shelf life, in case you want to take it back with you.

Here is what to shop for

To save time and money, point your rickshaw to Sadar Bazar in Agra. This sprawling open-plan market is a one-stop hub for all local handicrafts and handlooms. Everything from spices, rugs, textiles, leather products, Taj Mahal souvenir to fashion jewelry, can be found in Sadar Bazar. Dont hesitate to haggle.

Take a break from your Delhi itinerary and steal a day to explore the stunning city of Agra. The same day Taj Mahal tour from Delhi is exactly what you may be looking for to diversify your journey. Let us customize a tour for you and allow us to take you to the city of Mughals.

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