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Nature in Delhi

Delhi is one of the oldest surviving cities in the world and has a stunning landscape of majestic historical monuments enveloped by lush greenery. Every once in a while, Delhiites drag themselves away from their laptops and immerse themselves in the natural beauty surrounding the city. Capture stunning shots of migratory birds at Okhla Bird Sanctuary, open all year round. To relax with a book under the shadow of history, enjoy the lush beauty of Lodhi Garden. If you are lucky enough to visit during the time Mughal Gardens is open for public, a breath-taking sight of beautiful flowers would charm you.

Delhi is rich in wildlife. You would often see animals roaming around the city, reminding their right of inhabitance. To connect with the city’s wildlife, you can go to numerous places. However, we will take you to the most popular ones. Located on the southern edge of the capital, Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary is a refuge to black buck, black-naped hare, blue bull and around 193 species of birds. Feast your eyes on critically endangered Ghariyal (Croc), at the National Chambal Sanctuary famous for wildlife near Delhi.

Delhi has many parks where you can find yourself immersed in lush greenery. The tranquil natural beauty makes an ideal spot for reading or a picnic with friends. Lodhi Garden offers just the majestic setting you need to unwind under the shadow of a historical monument. Before hitting the pub in the evening, use those few hours left of the day by taking a stroll in Deer Park at Hauz Khas Village. Line your visit for those two months when Mughal Gardens open at Rashtrapati Bhawan. It’s a stunning sight.

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Every person with wanderlust has Delhi on their list and for the right reason. This culturally diverse city is known for it’s ancient heritage, colorful noise and rich background. Plan your visit soon, for this city has a lot to offer.

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